Harrison Ford Joins Blake Lively-Starring ‘Age of Adaline’

By January 15, 2014

Harrison Ford

This isn’t the Harrison Ford casting news we were looking for.

While most movie fans are concerned with casting the next round of Star Wars films and wondering who will be returning from the original series, Han Solo himself has apparently been making eyes elsewhere – at a long-gestating romance that’s about as far from outer space as you can get. Per a Lionsgate press release, Ford has joined the cast of The Age of Adaline.

You’ll remember The Age of Adaline from, well, whole years of development, though what was once a Katherine Heigl-starring vehicle simply titled Adaline recently got some heat on it with the addition of Blake Lively as its new star. Back in October, Lively took over the eponymous part (which Heigl had vacated long ago), along with Ellen Burstyn.

Director Lee Toland Krieger (of Celeste and Jesse Forever fame, a film we cannot recommend enough) is helming the romantic drama which, as we reported back in October, centers on “Adaline, a twenty-nine-year-old who suffers a near-fatal accident (early reports of the project shared that the accident is a combination of car wreck and lightning strike) that renders her unable to age past her time at the age of said accident. Adaline will span the twentieth century and the adventures of the fundamentally lonely leading lady, until she meets a man who can change everything (that old story).” Burstyn will be playing Lively’s daughter in the film.

Blake Lively

But who is Ford going to play?

The press release doesn’t tell us anything about Ford’s role – not even his character’s name! – so it’s possible that he’ll be playing the man who changes Adaline’s life (the press release drives home the importance of said man, and shares that the film will see the leading lady embarking “on an epic, but isolated worldwide journey, keeping her secret, until she meets a man who forever alters her life”). As Ford is the only currently announced male talent in the film, he could just be that man (it’s also important to consider the actual, well, age of Adaline, who might not be interested in a younger beau, no matter what she looks like). Would you want to see Ford in such a role?

The Age of Adaline is set to start filming in March.

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  • garykscruggs

    Filming march ? guess he is not in starwarsVII then. Was his demands to high.Have Ford forgotten who put him in fandom in the first place ? if he wont be in VII because of his ego FU.

  • dulceoster534

    The Town. Lively can act.

  • kennethrpe45

    Sounds like a good movie…I love Harrison Ford and Ellen Burstyn…
    Ellen Burstyn will be on Lifetime for ‘Flowers in the attic’….