HBO Getting Sexier with American Remake of French Series ‘Hard’

By January 7, 2014

HBO - Sexy

Just after HBO decided to tackle sex in a short documentary form again with “Sex/Now” (which feels a lot like a reboot of their classic series “Real Sex”), the cable network is going to get even saucier with their original programming, but this time it will be outside of the documentary realm.

Though HBO hasn’t been shy about sex and nudity in original shows like “Boardwalk Empire” and “True Blood” lately (their shows from the past were pretty sexually explicit as well), this time they’re going for the gold with a remake of the French comedy series “Hard.”

Variety reports “Sex and the City” co-executive producer Jenny Bicks is adapting the international comedy series which follows a woman who, after the sudden death of her husband, discovers that he was running a porn company instead of a successful software business as she originally thought. In this new version, the series will follow a woman living in Brentwood who takes over her husband’s failing porn company, and has to juggle her provocative business and personal life, all with a group of close friends.


The AV Club describes the series, “It’s like ‘Weeds,’ but with dicks,” which sounds pretty accurate. Of course, being set in the world of porn, it gives HBO an excuse to deliver sex and nudity, but in some sort of narrative and possibly artistic package. After all, the French series (seen above) seems to have style by looking at the trailer.

The project is still in early development at HBO with Stephen McPherson executive producing along with Vin Di Bona’s Fishbowl Worldwide Media. It was Di Bona (who executive produced “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” of all things) who actually suggested that McPherson (a former ABC Entertainment executive) adapt.

Bicks most recently served as showrunner of Showtime’s “The Big C,” but sex and HBO is familiar following her run on the aforementioned Sarah Jessica Parker comedy series. Hopefully she can deliver something that isn’t raunchy just because it can be. HBO is pretty good about their original series, so we’ll see how this one pans out.

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