HBO Reviving Ben Affleck & Matt Damon’s ‘Project Greenlight’ and Lisa Kudrow’s ‘The Comeback’

By April 30, 2014

Just because HBO is having success with their recently renewed comedy series “Silcon Valley” and “Veep,” not to mention their ongoing fantasy epic “Game of Thrones” being renewed for two more series, doesn’t mean the cable network doesn’t have time to reach back into the well for a couple revivals.

First up, the cable network has just announced that the documentary series “Project Greenlight” from friends, collaborators and filmmakers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will be making a comeback, nearly 10 years after the third and final season aired.

For those who don’t know, “Project Greenlight” was a documentary series that chronicled the process of a first-time director getting the chance to make his first feature film with the help of Hollywood professionals. Similar to the first three seasons of the show begins with a digital competition, and then follows the winner from pre-production and casting through principal photography and post-production.

Ben Affleck - Matt Damon - Project Greenlight

The first iteration of the series held a competition to find a viable script for the writer to direct as a film and resulted in Stolen Summer. The second round actually went looking for a script, but then separately found a director to bring that script to life, which made for an even more dramatic and realistic dynamic as the making of the film unfolded. And while the press release from HBO only mentions those two seasons, there was also a third season that aired on Bravo, but has been consequently buried by The Weinstein Company due to the unfavorable light cast on the production company as they handled the horror film Feast.

As for this new version, executive producer Ben Affleck says:

“‘Project Greenlight’ was ahead of its time. Now that technology has caught up to the concept, we thought it was a perfect time to bring it back. A whole new generation of filmmakers has grown up sharing everything, and the next big director could be just an upload away. It is really great having ‘Project Greenlight’ back at HBO.”

There’s certainly the potential to discover some new great talent as Matt Damon notes, “‘Project Greenlight’ works – careers have been launched and sustained as a direct result of this contest. Pete Jones, John Gulager, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are just a few of the PGL alums who’ve gone on to do great things in Hollywood, and Ben and I are really proud of that.” In the second season, Shia LaBeouf was actually still a rising star as he landed the lead role in the film The Battle of Shaker Heights.

There really is no better time for “Project Greenlight” to make a comeback as digital filmmaking, at least practically, is easier than ever, allowing for plenty of talented filmmakers to easily get a chance at a career in Hollywood. We can’t wait to see how this new version comes together.

But that’s not the only HBO series getting a revival.

The Comeback - Lisa Kudrow

After a 13-episode first season ran back in 2005 (funnily enough, the same year that “Project Greenlight” ended), Lisa Kudrow’s HBO series “The Comeback” didn’t return for a second season. However, the series has become a cult favorite, with fans clamoring the return of washed up reality star Valerie Cherish (Kudrow), and now the show is coming back.

E! News has learned that the series will come back for six episodes on HBO with production scheduled to begin on May 19th. Kudrow is returning in her lead role, and co-stars Malin Akerman and Kellan Lutz are supposed to return as well. As for what we’ll see upon Valerie’s return, we’re not exactly sure just yet.

The good news is that series creator Michael Patrick King and writers Dan Bucantisky (who has since gone on to “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy”) and Amy B. Harris (“Sex and the City” and “The Carrie Diaries”) will also be working on these new episodes. As of now, the return is only expected to be a limited event series, but HBO isn’t ruling out a full-on return of the comeback of “The Comeback” does well.

Excited for “The Comeback” and “Project Greenlight” to return to HBO?

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