UPDATED: HBO’s Standalone Streaming Service Arrives in April for $15 Per Month Exclusively on Apple TV

By March 9, 2015

UPDATE by the Editor, 3/9 12PM PST: According to Variety, at Apple’s press conference announcing their new products and services today, it was revealed that HBO Now will be arriving exclusively on Apple TV devices next month, in time for the premiere of the new season of the premium channel’s hit series “Game of Thrones.”

Since launching the device in January of 2007, Apple has sold around 25 million units of Apple TV. At the event, they also announced that the device itself is receiving a $30 price cut, going from $99 to $69 USD. The HBO service will also be available on portable Apple devices, like the iPhone and iPad.

No further details of the service’s rollout on other kinds of devices, like other set top boxes or game consoles, is currently known. We’ll be sure to let you know what we find out in the future.

Original Story: After hearing last fall that HBO was finally going to offer their programming as a standalone streaming service for those who didn’t have a cable subscription. And now we know when it’s coming and how much it will cost.

International Business Times (via SlashFilm) has learned that the subscription service, called HBO Now, will debut in April of 2015, just in time for the fifth season of “Game of Thrones” (debuting on April 12th) to get new subscribers on board.

However, for those who want their HBO outside of a cable subscription, you’ll pay a little extra. HBO Now will cost $15 per month, which is double the basic $7.99 subscription for Netflix. However, one could argue that all the show’s that HBO has at its disposal is worth it, and maybe even some of the movies as well.


This should certainly change up the cable subscription game a bit, and I’d be interested in seeing just how many people cut the cord once HBO Now is available for customers to subscribe to in April. It’s a clear sign of the changes coming in the cable business, especially after HBO was rather opposed to the idea of offering a standalone service, even when it was clear that’s where the industry was headed.

Last fall, HBO chairman and CEO Richard Plepler told investors:

That is a large and growing opportunity that should no longer be left untapped. It is time to remove all barriers to those who want HBO. So, in 2015, we will launch a stand-alone, over-the-top, HBO service in the United States. We will work with our current partners. And, we will explore models with new partners. All in, there are 80 million homes that do not have HBO and we will use all means at our disposal to go after them.

That’s a lot of people who will now be tempted to get HBO without the hassle of dealing with dastardly cable companies. Of course, since most of them still have to deal with these companies in order to get the fast internet that will allow them to stream HBO, it’s not entirely a satisfactory victory, but we’ll take what we can get.

When HBO Now becomes available, will you subscribe?

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  • jennjamison1215

    The price seems a little excessive to me. Just because they have a large collection of shoes and movies, the price doesn’t seen to equate. Between Netflix and Hulu I get a large variety of viewing options, and pay the same amount HBO is asking for just one service. I’m not sure I would subscribe. Needs more research!

  • Annie

    I don’t think many would choose this over netflix which is like half the price BUT I could also see many people having just both and no cabel so I see what the possibilities are here

  • MarkDLesniak

    how many people are there that would watch only hbo though?? It could be great but I see a possibility of failure when people can watch things and torrent things for free nowadays


    hmmm hbo is huge so I think itll be a huge success on their behalf

  • 420leanin

    bye bye cabel lol I hate to be the one doing and saying this but im going HBO on em!

  • Paul_T

    ain’t no way im paying for anything tv besides netflix..i don’t watch hbo anyways

  • Muhranduh

    next month it’s coming!! I think it’ll be a huge hit

  • 420leanin

    hmmm i see lonely housewives and stay at home moms going straight for this one