Heisenberg Lives! Breaking Bad Is Coming To Sundance Channel!

By February 25, 2013

Last night, when Argo won at The Oscars, I got pretty damn giddy. Sure, Argo is a well deserving film, but that’s not the reason. It was when Bryan Cranston appeared on stage with the cast and crew sporting the shaved head and goatee. My excitement caused me to yell out “Heisenberg Lives!” more than once throughout the night.

We still have roughly 4 months until the final half of the final season of Breaking Bad airs on AMC and news just hit that will keep our blue meth appetite in check!

The people at Sundance Channel just won major points in my book as they have just acquired the rights for the off network premiere of the Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning series. I’ve encountered way too many people (you know you who are) who have yet to experience the amazing-ness of Breaking Bad and now, you can!

Beginning Monday March 4th at 11:00 pm, the acclaimed show that has brought Emmy awards to both Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston will begin airing two episodes back to back, from the very first episode. Set to air chronologically from season one to four, now you all have no excuse to get caught up!

The series will follow premiere episodes of some pretty awesome looking original series for the network: “The Staircase: Last Chance” on March 4th and 11th, “Top of the Lake” March 18th – April 15th and the new show from Breaking Bad producers Gran Via’s Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein, “Rectify”  on April 22nd – May 27th.  

Since its premiere in 2008, Breaking Bad has been THE BEST TV DRAMA ON TELEVISION, PERIOD! Sorry for yelling, but it’s true dammit. And now, we can all watch the incredible transformation of Walter White, from mild mannered chemistry teacher to bad ass crystal meth kingpin, all over again!

In celebration of this news, I’ll be sure to run around yelling “I’m the one who knocks!” all day! YOU CANNOT STOP ME!

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