‘Hell’s Club’: The Place Where Your Favorite Movie Characters Meet

By September 4, 2015

What would happen if some of our favorite fictional movie characters actually met? We’ve all thought about it before. Whether it be them facing off against each other in a fight, or simply having a conversation together at a bar. There’s just something very cool about having two characters from completely different worlds, sit down and have some kind of banter – whether it be with bullets or words, really depends on the characters. However, we haven’t ever really gotten to see it outside of the current superhero movie universes.

That is, until now. A YouTube channel called AMDSFILMS recently released a new mash-up video, which features a large number of iconic and cool movie characters all hanging out in the same bar together, called “Hell’s Club”. Check out this awesome video below:

This honestly may be one of the best movie mashups I’ve ever seen. The way the characters acknowledged each other, and the use of all of the different club scenes from all of those films was spectacular. Not to mention the insane amount of skilled color correction that must have taken place in this as well, and the synchronized cutting between all the faces was perfect. I’m starting to ramble, but basically, what I’m trying to say is – well done.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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