Henry Cavill Suits Up in New ‘Batman v Superman’ Set Photo

By August 20, 2014

Aside from new Star Wars movies, I feel like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the most anticipated movie of the next few years. Fanboys (myself included, obviously) are wondering how Zack Snyder is going to combine a live action Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman on screen together for the first time, not to mention build an entire Justice League by the end of the film so we have something to look forward to in the sequel. We’ve seen a ton of set photos from the film already, and even a couple official shots from the production, but today we get a good first look (via CS) at Cavill in full costume on the Detroit set of the film.


Is it just me, or does that costume look a lot brighter to you than Cavill’s costume in Man of Steel? Compare it with the photo below to see what I mean:


Could Snyder and his costume design team actually be listening to some of the fan complaints out there that Superman looked too dour in the 2013 film? Maybe Supes could start out the movie on a dark note and end with this brighter suit, or maybe he’ll be wearing this one the whole time to contrast more with Batman, who is known as “The Dark Knight” after all. We suspect he’ll be pretty brooding, so hopefully Superman will lighten the mood a little bit. Or – a depressing possibility – maybe Snyder is keeping everyone looking dark (even Wonder Woman), but this photo has been altered a bit or the lighting was a little weird and didn’t fully capture what the costume will look like through the filtered camera lenses they’ll be using to capture the images on film.

What do you think? Looking forward to seeing that justice dawn in 2016?

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  • planeteeron

    I think the “brightness” is merely an effect because the suit had been wet due to the “ice bucket” caper, which is why he is wearing the waterproof overcoat. In the movie it will be dark filtered as before; as seen in the supposed Gotham roof scene just officially released by WB publicity.