Henry Cavill Teases The Black Superman Costume in ‘Justice League’

By August 15, 2016

I’m gonna go ahead and issue a quick SPOILER ALERT for those of you out there who haven’t seen Batman v Superman yet, since this entire post basically revolves around one of the key moments near the end of the film when (final warning) Superman is killed during the final battle with Doomsday, thanks to the Kryptonian monster plunging one of his spikes deep into the Man of Steel, leaving a gaping wound in the hero’s chest.

However, the final shot of the film was basically a confirmation of the character’s eventual return in the next installment, when the dirt above his casket began to rise and a faint heartbeat could be heard. Thanks to a new photo from Henry Cavill as well, it looks like the character’s resurrection will be borrowing elements and a certain look from one of the more well-known Superman comic book storylines.

The photo comes from Cavill’s Instagram page, which gives fans their first, tiny look at the character’s black costume in the movie, which looks to have the same design as before, only this time all black with what we can imagine is going to be a silver S on its chest.


A photo posted by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

This is obviously a pull from The Death and Return of Superman from the comics, when Superman’s body was being slowly regenerated in the Fortress of Solitude in a chamber, and the suit was something being kept on him during the resurrection process. Whether or not the Justice League film uses those same elements from the comic to bring the Man of Steel back will have to wait to be seen, or if it’ll just be borrowing the same visuals and look from the comic book.

Considering Superman’s role in the DCEU is the thing that I’m most worried about right now, after Zack Snyder and co. have demonstrated a severe lack of understanding towards this character in the past, I’m just going to sit here and hope that whatever it is they end up doing moving forwards with him, it’s something that feels more true to the character himself. Fingers crossed.

Justice League is set to hit theatres on November 17th, 2017.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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  • One can only hope. He has so fundamentally misunderstood and messed up his character to date maybe this resurrection is his chance to fix it.

    • You think Cavill has misunderstood the character? I can understand people’s annoyance with the director, but he seems to have nailed the character, based on the script provided.

      • Zack Snyder AND Co. by which I mean scriptwriter(s) and whoever decided to to reinterpret Superman as “Dark” when his entire persona is Light and Hope. That’s kind of the definition of Superman. It’s like a bunch of guys watched the Christian Bale Batman movies and decided just reinterpret Superman through that lens. Of course Superman is not Batman… polar opposite. The Superhuman hope for humanity with the heart of a human and few or none of its failings, with faith in our better nature while Batman is the Dark Knight, knows the full measure of the evil of man yet believes in justice, not vengeance to protect the innocent, and believes that there ARE innocents that should be protected by those who aren’t. I don’t think Cavill misunderstood the character. I think he could even pull off a real Superman if they scripted him correctly. But Superman should not be dark and broody. Christopher Reeve captured that innocent yet righteous hope and strength best I think.

        • Oh for sure. That’s what I mean: I don’t think it’s Cavill and I think he could pull off whatever Superman the director wanted him to play.

          • Yeah I was basically agreeing with you. My friends have heard me rant about this several times but none of them are Superman fans so they don’t get why I foam at the mouth about it. LOL

          • Ha. Understandable!

  • CDW in PC

    I was thinking that the ring he gave to Lois has something to do with his resurrection. Like it was made from white Krypton or something that was like concentrated positive kryptonite energy. Notice she had it on the hand she scooped up the dirt with. Maybe it jump-starts his regeneration.

  • All Patriot

    What if this is a black and white picture? Cavill could have a twisted sense of humor.