Here’s How You Will Play ‘Star Fox’ on Wii U

By January 4, 2015

If you were a kid in the 1990’s and owned a Nintendo 64, then chances are that one of the games that you had was Star Fox 64. The on-rails space adventure, putting you in the cockpit of the Arwing dogfighter, behind the wheel of the Landmaster tank, and inside the water-traversing Blue Marine, was one of the most acclaimed games released on that console after it bowed in 1997. While it was only the second released Star Fox game, it cemented the franchise as one of Nintendo’s heavy-hitters, though more recent entries on the GameCube in the early 2000’s failed to live up to the overall legacy and fun of the first two games.

This past year at E3, Nintendo revealed that superstar designer Shigeru Miyamoto — creator of Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Pikmin, and countless others — had begun work on a brand new Star Fox game that would be premiering on Wii U this year. Up until recently, we knew very little about it, but this past year’s Game Awards revealed that we would actually be seeing it before the next game in The Legend of Zelda series is released, likely signaling an arrival between summer and fall of this year. Now, in a new interview with iJustine (via OnlySP), Miyamoto has detailed how the new iteration of Star Fox will play, and it looks like the experience is centered around one primary thing: the console’s unique tablet-style controller, the Wii U GamePad.

With Star Fox, we’re doing something very different. What we have on the GamePad screen is a cockpit view, and on the TV screen you’ve got a third person, more cinematic view. As you’re playing, what you’ll find is that you’ll spend your time looking back and forth between the two, and when you wanna see the really cool cinematic visuals as you’re playing, you’ll look up at the TV screen and when you want to get really serious about battling an enemy, you’ll look down at the cockpit view. It gives a lot of different perspectives and how you’re able to switch between the two and play while there’s beautiful cinematics going on the TV screen.

Miyamoto’s current work for Nintendo seems to emphasize the GamePad’s unique advantages in creating new video game experiences. At E3, we also managed to get a glimpse of Project Giant Robot and Project Guard, two new games that are dependent on the dual-screen capabilities of playing between both the GamePad and the TV. Many gamers may also be encouraged by the fact that Miyamoto has a direct hand in the development of the new Star Fox title, as the previous two games in the series — Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox: Assault — were developed by studios other than Nintendo.

Will the new game featuring Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad be the heir apparent to the legacy of the original game and Star Fox 64? Hopefully, that question will be definitively answered when Star Fox on Wii U is released later this year.

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Chris Clow
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