Here’s One Way ‘The Walking Dead’ Definitely Won’t End

By October 24, 2014

With a show as hugely successful as “The Walking Dead,” there are bound to be some conspiracy theories created by fans trying to figure out how it’ll all come to an end. (Granted, this show isn’t nearly as pored over as something like “Breaking Bad” or “Mad Men,” but its fan presence can’t be ignored.) One of the more prominent theories I’ve seen put forth is that the entire series takes place in Rick’s mind. The theory says that Rick never actually woke up from his coma in that empty hospital in the pilot – he’s still in it, and in the finale, we’ll see him finally wake up. It’s a twist on the classic series finale of “Newhart,” in which – spoiler alert for a show that ended 24 years ago – it’s revealed that the entire series was actually a dream that the main character was having in “The Bob Newhart Show.”

But now “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman has gone on record and definitively stated that an ending like that isn’t in the cards for the AMC smash hit:


So that answers that, right? Well, maybe not. Kirkman couldn’t just leave it at that – he tweeted a follow-up that still calls into question everything we’ve seen on the show thus far:


It’s pretty obvious that last tweet is actually a joke (why would he reveal the real ending years ahead of time on Twitter for no reason?), but I like how he’s playful about it and still found a way to get everyone thinking about other possible twists that could happen.

How do you think “The Walking Dead” will eventually come to an end?

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