Homeland: “I’ll Fly Away”

By November 20, 2012

Torn between loyalties, Brody begins to crack, and his family with him.

Having run away from the police station, Dana pays Mike a visit. With their daughter missing, Jess and Brody get into an argument about his duties to the CIA, causing him to snap. Even worse, he’s late for a critical meeting with Roya. When his wife leaves, Carrie comes to collect Brody. She finds him curled up in a corner of his house, and barely entices him to leave. During his meeting with Roya, he has another meltdown and quits both missions simultaneously. Carrie pulls the tracking on his phone and evades her supervisors to go after him, bringing Brody to a motel instead of back to Langley.

Dana calls her mother from Mike’s, asking if she can spend the night there. She tells her mother that it was Carrie who stopped them from going into the police station, much to Jess’s dismay. Meanwhile, Carrie tries to talk Brody into completing his mission. They sleep together with the entire CIA listening in. Saul convinces Quinn not to pull the plug on the operation, all the while wondering if Carrie’s getting too close. He confronts her in the morning, but the mission’s back on: Brody’s already set up another meeting with Roya.

Dana asks Mike to take her to see the daughter of the woman killed in the hit and run. She tries to apologize, but the other girl accuses her of murder. Worse, she’s been paid off, and she screams at Dana to get out of her house before she blows the whole deal. That evening, Dana falls apart in Jessica’s arms while her mother tries to convince her that she’s not a killer.

Brody and Roya drive out to the middle of nowhere, where they meet Roya’s contact. Concerned for Brody’s safety, Carrie defies orders and leaps from the van, only to see the trio disappear into a helicopter. Nazir’s men drag Brody into an abandoned building, where he comes face to face with his one time mentor: Abu Nazir himself.