Homeland Recap: “The Motherf**ker With A Turban”

By December 10, 2012

Everyone’s got a secret as the agency closes in on Abu Nazir.

We find Carrie back in the building where she had been held hostage. She hears footsteps, and as she runs towards them, she slips and falls, making noise, and presumably alerting Nazir that she has returned. She enters a dark room, where she believes that she sees Nazir, but when she opens the next door, she finds the FBI in full force outside of the building. She is battered and dazed, yet is sure that Nazir is still inside. Quinn tries to get her to calm down and tells her Walden’s dead.

Jess and Brody are together in the safe house. It looks like Brody wants to say something to her when his phone rings. It’s Carrie. She assures Brody that she told Quinn she escaped, but did not tell Quinn that Nazir released her. Carrie is the only one who knows how Walden actually died.

Saul has been detained in an interrogation room, and they are setting up a polygraph test. A man walks in that Saul doesn’t recognize. He asks Saul about Ilene Morgan, asking him if he gave her the weapon she used to kill herself, trying to implicate him in her death. Obviously, Saul had given her the reading glasses that she used to kill herself, but refuses to answer the question. Saul appears to be under considerable duress. He tells the interrogator that he knows of Estes’ plan to assassinate a United States Congressman.

Carrie tells Quinn that she is sure Nazir was still in the building when they arrived. She asks Quinn who else was in charge of the operation and finds out that Agent Galvez was. The police stop his car, but Nazir isn’t in it. Galvez says that he was on his way to the hospital as his stitches were coming apart.

Carrie manages to get into the interrogation room with Roya Hammad. She tells her of her experience with Nazir. She appeals to her regarding the potential deaths of innocent women and children. Hammad asks Carrie if she’d ever had anyone pull themselves into her life, taking over and convincing her to do things she otherwise wouldn’t. Carrie says that she has, tears coming down her face, clearly referring to Brody. Hammad grabs Carries wrists and starts screaming at her that she would never be that stupid. Quinn comes in and extricates Carrie from Hammad. He tells Carrie to go home and get some sleep.

Carrie is driving home. The light turns green. She can’t move, almost frozen, as something in her mind clicks. She realizes that Hammad said that Nazir would never run. She is convinced that Nazir is still in the tunnels underneath the building. She calls Quinn and asks him to meet her there.

Estes confronts Saul and threatens to tie him up in administrative hearings for the rest of his life. Saul tells Estes that he knows what he’s planning to do.

When Carrie returns to the building, the FBI is wrapping up. She just catches a bus with a team of armed agents about to leave and asks them to search the building one more time. They tell her that they already have, but when they realize that she is the one that Nazir held captive, they accede to her request. While searching the building again, Carrie finds a hidden room. While going to find another agent, she leaves the one she was with alone. She hears noise and returns, finding his throat slashed. Out of the dark, she is grabbed and thrown against the wall, but manages to escape. Nazir is still there and is now stalking her. Just as Nazir is about to kill her, the FBI team arrives. Nazir tries to flee, but they follow and surround him. He reaches into his jacket and they kill him.

Estes tells Quinn to complete his mission and kill Brody. Quinn notes that it might be difficult, but Estes tells him to make it look like payback for Nazir’s death.

Brody is notified of the death of Abu Nazir. He breaks down in front of his family. They all arrive home, but Brody can’t go in the house. Jess comes out and they talk. They realize that their marriage is over. Brody is about to tell Jess the truth about everything, but she tells him not to. She doesn’t want to know. It is time for both of them to move on.

Brody goes to Carrie’s house and tells her that the choice between her life and Walden’s wasn’t even close. They go inside as Quinn remains in his car, waiting for the right moment to kill Brody.