Homeland Recap: “Beirut Is Back”

By October 8, 2012

Suspense, intrigue, and deception rule the day as the CIA is faced with a chance to finally hunt down Abu Nazir.

Carrie has gone rogue, meeting her informant alone at a mosque. She returns to Saul with critical information: her informant’s husband, a Hezbollah commander, will be meeting with Abu Nazir in Beirut the following day. Still wary of Carrie’s judgment and unable to meet her asset in person, both Saul and Estes hesitate to act on the tip.

Back in the States, Brody and Jess attend a fundraiser. The Vice President asks for Brody’s help in convincing the secretary of defense that bombing Iran, and putting a stop to their nuclear capabilities, is of the utmost importance. Meanwhile, the Vice President’s wife recruits Jess to organize a fundraiser for wounded vets.

In a meeting with both Special Ops and Estes, Carrie and Saul go over the blueprint for the area where Nazir’s meet-up is supposed to take place. They quickly determine that their men will have to go in on the ground; a dangerous proposition, and one that leads the Special Ops commander to suspect it might be a trap.

Jess and Dana go to the Vice President’s estate. In the car, Jess asks Dana to tell her exactly what Brody was doing when she caught him praying in the garage. Dana mimics a Muslim prayer, and they both admit that they think it’s kind of weird.

The Vice President’s son, Finn, walks in on Dana while she’s trying to open a locked cabinet in the library, and though she’s stand-offish at first, they begin to bond.

Back in Beirut, Carrie overhears Saul on the phone with Estes, admitting that he didn’t want her there in the first place. She has a panic attack and runs up to the roof, where Saul finds her. Carrie admits that she no longer trusts her own judgment; she had never been so utterly convinced of anything as she was that Brody was a terrorist, yet so wrong (as far as she knows). But she insists that she still trusts the old Carrie–the Carrie that recruited the Hezbollah commander’s wife and earned her trust.

The decision now in Saul’s hands, he green-lights the operation. A capture team is on the ground, and snipers are set up on the roof. The team waits with baited breath as the Hezbollah foot soldiers clear the area, but the special ops team hasn’t been compromised.

The Vice President brings Brody into the meeting of the Joint Chiefs as they observe the planned strike. When Brody learns that Abu Nazir is the target, he sneaks a text message out, warning Nazir of the impending attack. Just as the snipers are ready to fire, Nazir receives the message and ducks out of the way, escaping during the resulting shootout.

Saul and Carrie hurry to retrieve her informant, but Carrie dashes back into the Hezbollah leader’s house, searching for useful information. She grabs a satchel and fills it with documents, but her escape is cut off by a group of angry local men. With the help of another agent, she gets out alive.

Brody meets with the journalist who has been acting as his latest intermediary with Abu Nazir. He expresses his desire to get out, his dueling loyalties warring within him. When he meets his fellow Marines at a bar and they pepper him with questions about Tom Walker, Brody snaps at them, asserting that Walker lost his right to call himself a Marine the minute he turned traitor.

Carrie returns home, and Saul peruses the documents she stole in Beirut. Just as he’s about to give up, he notices a data chip hidden in the lining of the satchel. The chip contains a recording…the recording of Brody made detailing his plans to carry out a terrorist attack on the United States.