Homeland Recap: “Broken Hearts”

By December 3, 2012

The episode begins as Saul tracks down Dar Adal. He asks him about Quinn and finds out that Quinn is one of Adal’s men, an “off the books black ops guy.” Worse, Estes put him in charge of the project. When Saul asks why, Adal implies that Saul is just too sensitive for this line of work.

Brody shows up at the safe house, just missing a brief dalliance between Jess and Mike. Brody’s phone rings and it’s Carrie, telling him that the Attorney General is going to honor their agreement. As Carrie drives off, a truck smashes into the side of her car.

Estes congratulates his team, but notes that Abu Nazir is still at large. Saul confronts Estes about Quinn. He surmises that Quinn is an insurance policy to keep Brody from sharing the information about the drone strike that killed Issa.

Nazir calls Brody. He is holding Carrie hostage and demands that Brody retrieves the serial number for the Vice-President’s pacemaker. Brody tells him it’s not going to happen, but Nazir hold a gun to Carrie’s head and threatens to shoot her over the webcam, forcing Brody’s hand. Carrie tries to escape, but Nazir binds her legs. Carrie calls him a terrorist, but Nazir tells Carrie that he is merely a soldier in a war. He tells her of the drone strike that killed his family and she reminds him of suicide bombings that killed other innocent children. Nazir tells her that his people have the advantage; they have unshakeable faith and are willing to die for their beliefs.

Finn has asked to meet with Dana. He is haunted by the hit and run and the fact that he knows that he is responsible for the woman’s death. Dana is the only one he can talk to. He wants to start over, but Dana tells him that their relationship is dead.

Brody puts on his tie as he arrives at the White House. The Vice-President is in a meeting and won’t be available for awhile. He sits outside of his office and gets up with the excuse that he needs to use the bathroom. Instead of going to the bathroom, he heads upstairs to the Vice-President’s office. There is the treadmill and hidden nearby is the information on the pacemaker. After a frantic search, Brody finds it and, using a magnifying glass, gets the serial number. He calls Nazir and offers to send him the serial number. He swears on Issa’s immortal soul that if he lets Carrie go, he will send Nazir the serial number. Nazir adheres to his request, showing Carrie flee over the webcam, and Brody sends him the serial number. Brody returns the room to it’s previous order and the Vice-President walks in on him. As they speak, Nazir’s operative works on disrupting the Vice-President’s pacemaker. Brody tells Walden that he is withdrawing his name from consideration to be his running mate. Walden balks at the notion telling him that no one turns down the chance to become Vice-President.

Brody tells him that he wants “to feel clean again” and that he disagrees with everything Walden stands for. Walden clutches his chest and asks for a doctor. Brody uses the opportunity to tell Walden that he is actually killing him. The Vice-President looks up in disbelief as he dies.

Carrie flags down a truck. She grabs the trucker’s cell phone over his protests and calls Saul, running down the highway as the angry trucker follows. Saul tells her to stay put, but she returns to the building and tries to find Nazir.

Before he can leave Langley, however, Saul is detained, and Estes is in on it.