Homeland Recap: “State of Independence”

By October 15, 2012

At the outset of this week’s episode, Saul is detained at a Lebanese airport. His diplomatic case is searched, and the man in charge pulls out the datachip containing Brody’s secret.

Bad news? Not exactly. There’s a second datachip still hidden in a secret compartment, and Saul boards the plane with his evidence in hand.

Meanwhile back in the States, Jess reads the speech Brody has prepared for that evening’s Wounded Veterans fundraiser. Finally getting a glimpse into his true feelings after years of captivity, she kisses him, and they nearly have sex on the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, Dana interrupts them.

At that moment, Brody receives a call from Roya, his journalist-contact. Bassel, the tailor who provided him with the bomb during his aborted terrorist mission, is on a CIA watch list and needs to be taken to a safe house. Because Bassel knows Brody’s true identity, the congressman makes a reluctant detour to escort him to safety.

Down the road, the pair get a flat tire. With no jack in the car, Brody uses some logs to prop the wheel up instead. Jessica calls, and Brody tells her that he’s at a union meeting, but assures her that he’ll be back in time for the benefit. Tire changed, they get back on the road, but when Brody goes to purchase some gas, Bassel escapes. Brody chases him into the woods, and, tackling him to the ground, accidentally impales Bassel on a sharp branch. Unable to risk taking the other man to the hospital, Brody scrambles to keep him alive, all the while fielding calls from an increasingly worried Jessica.

Carrie, back from Beirut, turns in her report to Danny, who tells her that he’ll call to confirm the six o’clock debriefing. Having still not heard from him at five, Carrie takes it upon herself to go to the CIA…where she learns that the de-brief has already started without her. Estes takes her aside privately, and tells her that, as grateful as they are for her work in Beirut, she won’t be reinstated into the CIA.

Returning to her father’s house, Carrie packs a bag and prepares to go back home. Once there, she dresses up for a night on the town, but, in her despair, downs two bottles of pills instead. She lays down on her bed, prepared for eternal sleep, but comes to her senses and proceeds to vomit up the pills and alcohol.

Back in the woods, Brody takes another call from his wife, compounding his previous lies with half-truths about a flat tire. Bassel, unwilling to listen to Brody’s pleas for silence, calls for help, and Brody snaps his neck.

At the fundraiser, Jess makes a speech in Brody’s stead, advocating a place and a program where families of returning vets can prepare for the tumultuous journey ahead. Mike drives her home, and Jess tells him of Brody’s affair with Carrie.

When Brody shows up and reiterates his excuses, Jess’s frustration reaches its boiling point. She can tell he’s lying and threatens to leave him if he doesn’t come clean with her.

A knock at Carrie’s door sends her on a frantic mission to clean up the evidence of her suicide attempt. Saul is on the other side, and he comes bearing good news. He shows her the datachip containing Brody’s confession, and Carrie is finally vindicated.