Homeland Recap: “The Clearing”

By November 13, 2012

A pawn in everyone’s game, Brody gets more and more frustrated as he navigates his new life as a double agent.

Brody meets with Roya on his morning jog. She tells him that the situation will be progressing quickly, but, much to his frustration, still won’t provide him with any details.

Saul visits Aileen Morgan in prison. She demands a room with a view in exchange for providing information on Roya’s nameless contact. Saul agrees to her terms, but the warden’s bloated sense of self overrides his patriotism; he smugly asserts himself as top dog over Saul, who is forced to jump through hoops and get a written order from the Attorney General.

Carrie visits Quinn in the hospital. Though he’s still in obvious pain and the doctors won’t discharge him, he’s anxious to get out of there. They discuss Galvez’s condition–he’s the only other survivor of the Gettysburg Massacre–and Carrie tells Quinn that it doesn’t look good. They discuss the bomb stolen from the tailor’s shop, and Quinn gets out of bed, and, asserting that he’s ready to go, strips off his hospital gown right in front of Carrie, much to her annoyance.

Brody and his family head to a Walden fundraiser. In the back seat of a limo, Dana and Finn discuss their fatal hit-and-run, and Dana demands that they tell their parents by the day’s end. Meanwhile, in another limo just down the road, Brody admits to Jessica that he played a role in Tom Walker’s death in a story filled with half-truths and blatant lies.

Brody calls Carrie, furious that Mike Faber talked to Jess about Walker’s death. He accuses Carrie of lying to him and goes on a rant about the Gettysburg Massacre and his being left in the dark. Hanging up on her, Brody walks back to the fundraiser just in time for Estes to arrive as his chaperone.

Carrie goes to Faber and tells him to back off. When she explains that Brody is tied up in a terrorist investigation, he finally agrees. Carrie realizes that he just wants to protect Jessica, so she tells him to hang in there–Jess may still need him yet.

Back at the fundraiser, Brody fields some awkward questions about his time as a POW. He takes his shirt off to go swimming but, as the group before him stares at his scars, he puts it back on. Rex Henning, the fundraiser’s host and an ex-vet himself, takes Brody out to the stables and tells him that he is the reason he’s supporting Walden. Brody tries to protest Henning’s accolades, but the old man will have none of it. He leaves, and Carrie calls Brody, telling him to meet her elsewhere on the property.

Brody’s still feeling used, but that doesn’t stop him from making out with Carrie and admitting that she makes him feel good. Still, he beats a hasty retreat back to the party before things can go further.

Meanwhile, Finn is gathering liquid courage. When Jessica and his mother, Cynthia, overhear a loud argument between Finn and Dana, they demand to know what’s going on. Dana blurts out that they killed someone in a hit and run, and the two women take them inside. There, Jessica expresses her disappointment in Dana for not coming to her sooner, and Cynthia sends a drunk Finn to the car. Jess begins to speak of hiring lawyers and going to the police, but Cynthia will have none of it. It is election season, after all.

As they await her change-of-residency orders, Saul gives Aileen bread, wine, and cheese, and they speak fondly of their road trip. Aileen asks Saul about his wife, and he admits that, though they are no longer together, he moved to Beirut to be closer to her. As Aileen points out, however, Beirut and Mumbai are still thousands of miles apart. The order comes in, and Saul hands it over to Aileen, along with his reading glasses. She gives him a name (Mohammed Al Ghamdi) and location (Newark), and he leaves to set up the op. The guard comes in and clears away the food and wine, but Aileen keeps the glasses, still perusing the document.

Cynthia and Walden discuss the children’s accident, and Walden tells her that Estes (and the CIA) have already covered it up for them. Still, Cynthia is concerned that Jess will talk. Indeed, Jess tells Brody about the incident after he goes for a solitary swim. As he prepares to leave, Finn tells Dana that the reason he liked her is the exact same thing that’s now tearing them apart: that she was different and untouched by the world of politics that he lives in.

As if Brody doesn’t already have reason enough to hate Walden, the Vice President tells him that they need to let the situation lie. After all, Walden says, there is no way they’re letting the actions of two foolish teenagers derail their political careers.

Quinn leads an FBI team to the house of a baffled Mohammed Al Ghamdi–a musician she knew from Saudi Arabia. Saul is befuddled by her deception, until he puts two and two together. Dashing back to the room where Aileen was waiting, he finds her, bleeding out, throat slit by the glasses he lent her. She’d had the perfect last day: sunshine, good food, and good company, and she wasn’t going back to the hell of prison.

Brody hugs Dana and tells her that he’ll take her to the police. She’s relieved but, when they get there, Carrie’s at the station too. She tells Brody that he can’t give up Finn–it will alienate Walden, destroying Brody’s part in the mission…and effectively ending their deal. Reluctantly, Brody tells Dana that they can’t come forward yet and she runs off, furious, leaving an equally irate Brody to yell at Carrie for interfering in his personal life.