Homeland Recap: “Two Hats”

By November 26, 2012

It’s D-Day when Nazir comes to town.

We last saw Brody taken away by helicopter to meet with Abu Nazir. The episode starts with the CIA team meeting to discuss the situation. Carrie thinks that Brody is either physically or operationally dead. They decide that the only move is to bring Roya Hammad in.

Meanwhile, Nazir drops Brody off and says that it is the last time that they will meet. He invokes Allah, puts on his cap, gets into the awaiting SUV and departs. Brody starts breathing quickly and runs to the nearest store where he borrows a cell phone. He calls Carrie and asks her to assure him that his family is taken to a safe place. They need to send someone who the family knows and trusts. Mike goes to the house and tells them that they have to get ready to leave.

Brody calls Carrie and tells her to meet him where they first met, in the rain. Brody jumps into the car when she arrives and tells her that he thought that he was going to be killed. He isn’t sure where he was taken. He tells her that Abu Nazir is in the United States. He tells them that they hooked him up to a battery. Abu Nazir thanks him for saving his life in Beirut. Nazir tells him that his wife and children have nothing to fear if he stays true to himself. Nazir talks of taking the fight to the enemy. He has been asked to convince the Vice President to allow one reporter to cover the event. That reporter is Roya Hammad. When asked if there was anything else, Brody doesn’t tell them that he prayed with Abu Nazir.

The two CIA guys break into an apartment belonging to the CIA analyst, Peter Quinn. They find a photograph of a police officer, Julia Diaz and a baby, in a Charles Dickens book. Later, Saul is given the address of Diaz, which he puts into his GPS finder. When he meets with her he finds out that she hasn’t seen the father since the baby was born. The father’s name is John, but she refuses to share his last name. She calls Peter Quinn, and the team knows about the connection. Peter leaves, but is followed.

Mike takes the family to a CIA safe house. Mike talks to Dana. She is very angry with her father. Mike tells her that everyone comes back from war with some kind of wound. Jessica and Mike share a glass of wine and she tells him to take the guest room. During the night, she gets up and comes to his room.

Carrie, Saul, David and Peter discuss the options. Carrie tells Brody of their plan. He asks is she believes him and she tells him that she does.

The Vice President meets with Brody and David Estes. Estes informs the Vice President that the CNBC correspondent Roya Hammad is involved in the terrorist plot. He shares the fact that they believe that Nazir is in the United States. Estes tells Brody to make the call. He calls Hammad, who tells him to find a way to be with her at the event.

They follow the bus that Quinn is on and are able to snap some pictures. Quinn comes back, Saul returns and Quinn asks him where he’s been. Saul recognizes the man that Quinn met with.

The day starts with a room full of people from the task force and special ops. They are preparing to deal with the terrorist threat.

Dana doesn’t want to say hi to her dad. Jess asks him what he can tell them about what is going on, and all he says is that everything will be over real soon.

Carrie follows Hammad to a restaurant where she meets with her camera crew. Estes nods at Quinn who leaves to liaison with the FBI. A blue SUV pulls up, but the windows are tinted. Nazir’s munitions guy is the first to get out of the vehicle, with several others. They open the back of the news van, removing camera batteries, which they switch with others batteries from the SUV. The SUV tries to escape, but is rammed and flips over. Nazir is not in the SUV. Quinn was picking up Brody in a limo and was prepared to kill him, but puts his gun away when he finds that Nazir was not captured.