Homeland Recap: “A Gettysburg Address”

By November 5, 2012

Secrets have terrible consequences in the latest installment of Homeland.

Surveillance of Roya nearly hits a dead end when the audio is indecipherable and facial recognition on her contact is a bust. They called Brody in to see if he can help identify the man, but it’s to no avail. He does, however, finally cop to the death of the tailor, allowing the CIA to pull their surveillance and search his shop.

The hit-and-run weighing heavily on her, Dana is moody and unwilling to go to school. Jessica forces her out of bed, and Brody drives, a tail on his car the whole way. When Dana sees Finn, he again insists that the woman is fine and tells her to drop it. She can’t, and skips class to go to the hospital. While there, she meets the victim’s daughter and learns that the woman is dying.

At Carrie’s behest, Brody meets with Roya and tells her that the CIA is onto the new Hezbollah operative. Roya asks about his injured hand, and he tells her it was a home-improvement accident. Does she buy it? It’s hard to say. Someone is standing too close, and they stop talking. When the other man leaves, Roya tells Brody that an FBI forensics team has been watching the tailor shop and has finally gone inside. Cryptically, she informs him that they might find something. Carrie calls Quinn and tells him to keep an eye out; they may be missing something important in the shop.

Back at school, Dana tells Finn that the victim of his reckless driving died in the middle of the night. Heartbroken, she tells him that the woman’s daughter needs their help, but Finn angrily implores her to keep silent. If anyone finds out, he says, his life will be over.

Meanwhile, Mike goes to the CIA to discuss his suspicions of Brody. He meets with Saul and Estes, and they tell him to drop his investigation. Even so, he goes to Brody’s house and finds a missing bullet in Brody’s collection, furthering his suspicion that Brody killed Tom Walker. He tells Jessica, and she kicks him out.

Just as Quinn discovers a hollow wall in the tailor shop, a team of terrorists in black ops regalia storm the shop, shooting down everyone in their path. They pull a box from that very wall, and, convinced that every agent is dead, leave. Unbeknownst to them, Quinn’s bullet wound isn’t fatal, despite the copious amount of blood pouring from his mouth and stomach.

Carrie, upon learning of the team’s massacre, storms into Brody’s office and accuses him of setting the whole thing up. He denies it and reaches for her hand, and the episode ends with Carrie crying Brody’s arms.