Father Carlos Grimes is Possessed by Evil in “Eviction”

By November 7, 2012

The video description is simple, “A message of warning. And welcome. A herald of my arrival. Transfer of my energy. Welcome to my world. I am all things, and nothing. I am Nameless.”

A priest named Carlos Grimes straps himself into a chair and attempts to call forth the evil that he feels is living inside of him. The short is written and directed by Justin McConnell, stars Robert Nolan and premiered at the Toronto After Dark film festival last month. Now it’s on YouTube for all to see. Hope you like it. I got a kick out of it and it made me laugh.


“What’s it like to be stuck in your own meat suit?”

Is it just me or this guy really creepy looking? I say cast him in something because I want to see more of this guy.

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