How Batman and ‘Star Wars’ Finally Convinced Me To Check Out ‘Supernatural’

By October 10, 2014

“Supernatural” premiered in 2005 and is now airing its 10th season…but it took me 8 years to finally sit down and check it out. Thanks to Batman and Star Wars, I’ve finally taken a sip of the Kool-aid…and it was TASTY.

Here’s how it happened:


Last year, I began a binge of Batman that spanned live action film, comic books/event series, and animated films. One of those films was 2010’s Batman: Under The Red Hood (written by “Real World: San Francisco” alum and all-around rocket sauce dude Judd Winick), starring notable names like John DiMaggio, Neil Patrick Harris, and a cat I’d heard of numerous times (but didn’t know his work): Jensen Ackles.


It’s rare that a Batman character makes me laugh, but Ackles’ portrayal of Red Hood (above) did just that; while I’ve watched the film several times, it still didn’t get me to breakdown and check out Ackles’ hit series…but it DID gently push me on the path toward it.


Earlier this year, Jensen Ackles (above) was one of several names being thrown around as the man who may possibly be Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars films and after revisiting Red Hood once again last month (it still made me laugh), I FINALLY found myself on Netflix with my finger on the trigger…wondering if that would be the day I FINALLY see what all the hubbub was about surrounding the hit CW series about two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester that fight demons (or something).

Yes, the show is about brothers who fight demons in order to save mankind (and the world in general), but it’s also more than that: it’s about brothers who find themselves in a Michael Corleone-type situation where even if they DID decide to give up the life they were born into, sooner or later they find themselves pulled right back in (it’s already happened on the show). It’s about human relationships, trust, and love – things that sometimes are pushed to the wayside – and the work it takes to “get back to good.”

I could complain at the lack of females in the show but I won’t, because while every male in the show is ridiculously good looking in their own right, this isn’t a “hey, gratuitous abs shot here” situation (and trust me, Ackles and co-star Jared Padalecki have abs FOR DAYS), unlike a certain CW show that likes to use ab shots in ads to promote the show in DC Comics comic books. While THAT show’s marketing is seemingly targeted toward the female audience, “Supernatural” does it the old fashioned way: by getting a cast of ridiculously RUGGED good looking guys (yes, that includes cast members DJ Qualls and Jim Beaver) who aren’t afraid to show their emotions and yes, cry when someone dies or is flung into hell or purgatory (which has happened on more than one occasion).

What also makes “Supernatural” fun are the urban legends, in jokes, and pop culture references sprinkled throughout an episode that anyone could easily identify; several episodes reference The Shining or its director Stanley Kubrick, including the episode “Playthings” that sees the Winchesters staying in room 237 of a haunted inn. The guys also use musician names as their FBI aliases like “Angus” and “Young” (that’s the lead guitarist from AC/DC, kids). The show also uses hilariously-delivered lines from other iconic shows – the first time I heard Dean (Ackles) yell, “Cram it with walnuts, ugly!” from “The Simpsons” episode “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show,” I nearly died.

Here’s a sample of the myriad of times the show has referenced “The Simpsons.”

A month has gone by since I’ve started my “Supernatural” binge. Watching 3 to 4 episodes a night has brought me to the middle of season 8 and I’m hoping to finish out season 9 in the next two weeks so I can FINALLY catch up on season 10, which JUST premiered earlier this week.

It’s strange how a show I had zero desire to watch is now something I fiercely defend, to the point of my jokingly turning into Shirley from “Community” saying things like, “Don’t you be talking bad about my Winchesters!”

If you’d like to have a “Supernatural” binge of your own, the first nine seasons are available for your eyeballs on Netflix Instant Queue and season 10 is of course on The CW with re-airings on Hulu. Enjoy this blooper reel from season 1!

If you find yourself in love with the show like I do, great! If not, don’t you be talking bad about my boys! I love me some Winchesters!

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  • Yep. I finally buckled a few years ago to watch this show and I’ve now seen every episode.