Hugh Jackman Replaces Javier Bardem as Blackbeard in ‘Pan’ Origin Story

By December 19, 2013

Hugh Jackman Fountain

Javier Bardem recently dropped out of J.C. Chandor’s A Most Violent Year, and now the No Country For Old Men star has passed on an even bigger project: Variety reports that Hugh Jackman will replace Bardem as the famous pirate Blackbeard in Joe Wright’s Pan, an origin story of Peter Pan.

Joe Wright has proven he can direct a movie with a young lead who kicks ass (see: Hanna), but there’s no word yet on which actor the studio has in mind for the title role. Perhaps the most interesting piece of information that comes out of this story, though, is who Warner Bros. wanted to play Captain Hook. In this version of the tale, Hook and Pan become allies in their fight against Blackbeard, and at the end of the film, something happens between them to set up their legendary rivalry. Apparently, the studio eyed Ryan Gosling for Hook, and I can only imagine how weird that would have been had he accepted the part.

As bizarre as it would have been to see Gosling decked out in pirate attire, Jackman seems perfectly equipped to play a swashbuckling sea dog, and it’ll be interesting to see him finally take on a villainous persona since he so often portrays the hero in his films. I’d normally be pretty dismissive about a project like this that appears to only be made in order to capitalize on brand recognition, but Jackman is one of my favorite working actors and Wright has earned the benefit of the doubt based on good will from his previous projects. We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out, and it likely won’t be long before we find out who will step into the tights and play Peter Pan in this new take on the story.

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