Hulu Opens Binge-Watching Door For Psychic Drama ‘Shut Eye’

By November 11, 2016


Hulu will borrow a page from the Netflix playbook, changing gears on its upcoming psychic drama Shut Eye to make the entire first season available from the first day, instead of offering new episodes each week.

The series – starring Jeffrey Donovan, Mel Harris and Isabella Rossellini – will debut Dec. 7, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That was the original premiere date for the first episode, allowing Shut Eye to follow the path of other Hulu original series like the Kennedy assassination time-traveling mini-series 11.22.63.

Sources say the release change is currently only for Shut Eye as the streamer looks to capitalize on the holidays when viewers will have more time to binge-watch content. 

The idea, the trade publication said, was to see if lightning could strike twice. Netflix released all 10 episodes of Making a Murderer right before Christmas, and it became a highly watched hit.

It could be possible that the binge-watching model is where Hulu and even fellow competitor Amazon might head. Amazon already decides whether to release shows on a weekly basis or all at once on an individual basis. HBO’s over-the-top streaming service HBO Now offers new programming on a weekly basis, but that’s because it’s tied to the premium cable channel, which follows the traditional television model.

goodfight111116CBS All Access, which will launch its first scripted series, The Good Fight, in January, will release episodes on a weekly basis. The plans there are to release a new series every quarter, meaning once The Good Fight ends, the streaming service will gear up for Star Trek: Discovery.

Shut Eye is about storefront psychics and the crime syndicates that runs them throughout Los Angeles. Donovan plays Charlie Haverford, a “psychic” who is part of that world who suddenly actually starts to experience visions.

It’s produced by Mark Johnson, whose credits include AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire as well as Better Call SaulBattle Creek and the award-winning Breaking Bad.

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