Ian McShane Reveals a Whole Lotta New ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Story Details

By June 6, 2016

Aside from giving us an interesting new take on both hand-to-hand combat and gun dynamics onscreen, one of the best things that John Wick did was establish an exciting world with history and interesting characters in its relatively short run time. It was inviting in the best possible way, and basically left filmgoers and viewers begging to return to it at least one more time, just so they could spend a little bit more time in the world of underground assassins and codes of honor.

While the film’s official plot and story details are being kept under wraps for the most part, returning cast member Ian McShane unveiled some very interesting and revealing new details recently about the upcoming sequel’s story, setting, and character motivations.

During a recent conversation with Entertainment Weekly, McShane talked about returning for the highly-anticipated sequel:

“Well, I’m kind of the only one left from the first one. This is same kind of premise. It’s not like two years later, but pretty soon after the first one. Keanu [Reeves] is a great guy. They got this terrific Italian kid, Riccardo Scamarcio, who plays the chief villain, who’s excellent, and we have a lot of stuff together. And the guy who directs it, Chad Stahelski, is really smart. He’s been Keanu’s stunt guy for [nearly] 20 years and he’s studied muay-thai. He’s got every stunt man who’s available for [this film]. The action looks like it was done by somebody out of Hong Kong instead of Hollywood which I always think is a great sight.”

The first film was driven by its straightforward revenge plot and story, but should fans expect to see the sequel have a similar story?

“Keanu gets a new dog. But yes, it’s about what comes on him after that. It’s all about the assassin’s code, if you like. He’s killed a Russian gangster and now there’s a contract out on him, so it’s a continuation. I loved the first one. This could be even better than the first.”

In addition to Keanu Reeves, McShane is one of the only returning cast members from the original film in John Wick: Chapter 2, and while he only appeared briefly as the owner of the Continental Hotel in the 2014 film, he left one hell of a lasting impression with his turn as the character.

It has been confirmed that the sequel will delve a bit more into the Continental and the entire assassin society that was only briefly explored and teased in the original movie, so it’s possible that McShane’s character could play a larger role this time than he did previously. Is it possible that we may finally learn more about the mysterious figure? Part of me wants to learn, and part of me hopes that Chapter 2 manages to maintain a large amount of the first’s secrecy and intriguing mystery. McShane can do no wrong onscreen, that’s for sure, so I imagine that whatever he’s given to do though, he’ll still be able to be a standout component in the franchise once again.

John Wick: Chapter 2 is set to hit theatres on February 10th, 2017.

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