IDW Brings ‘Back to the Future’ to Comics This October

By July 8, 2015

Although standing as very popular films, and having been adapted into a television series, video games and novels, the time-hopping Back to the Future franchise has only visited the medium of comics one time, as an ongoing series based on the short-lived animated show. That’s about to change this October.

According to Newsarama, IDW Publishing — comics creators holding a plethora of licenses from Doctor Who to Star Trek — has secured the rights to Back to the Future, with their first issue hitting comic shops this October. Taking the premise and telling stories in-between the lines of the films, the creative direction will be spearheaded by Back to the Future trilogy co-screenwriter Bob Gale, who already has experience working in comics by being a co-writer on Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man during the “Brand New Day” era of the late 2000’s. On the upcoming series, Gale said,

We’ve subtitled this ‘Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines’ because for years, fans have asked questions about things that happened before the events of the trilogy, in between the events of the trilogy, or in our alternate realities. In this series, we’ll finally answer some of those questions, with our focus squarely on the characters everyone loves.

The first issue will consist of two stories: how Doc Brown and Marty initially met in the 1980’s prior to the events of the first film, and another detailing Doc’s involvement in the Manhattan Project — the government-sponsored research and development that led to the creation of the atomic bomb — during the 1940’s. Each issue will progress this way with two stories, co-written by the team of John Barber and Erik Burnham, with artwork provided by Brent Schoonover and Dan Schoening for the first issue. Gale will be overseeing the series.

Back to the Future #1 from IDW will be released on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015: the very same day that Doc, Marty, and Jennifer travel to at the beginning of Back to the Future Part II. For more on this as it gets closer to release, tune your time circuits to GeekNation.

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Chris Clow
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