IMDB’s “Top 250 Films” In 2.5 Minutes

By November 12, 2012

Wanna watch a movie but have NO clue what you’d like to see?

IMDB and Jonathan Keogh got your back.

Keogh is a major filmnut with a knack for showing you everything fun about film in 2.5 minutes including The Criterion Collection in 2.5 Minutes (600 films) and 163 Horror Films in 2.5 Minutes. This time, he’s decided to take on the IMDB Top 250 list with great flair.

Wanna know a few of ’em? Okay, I’ll give you a couple freebies but then you gotta see how many you can name on your own!

This is in there…

So’s this



Ready to see how many you can name?

Aaaaaaaand GO!


Now before you head over to see the Top 250 list for yourself and yell “Shenanigans!” (like I did, ha), there is a caveat to this video.

But I’ll let Keogh himself explain:

“This list does change infrequently, and I began the project over a month prior to November 1, 2012, so yes…I know some of these movies are not on the top 250. 53 Titles to be exact (as of 11/1/12).

From what I can gather, each film that makes it on the list has to have a rating of at least 8/10 on IMDB. After all this is a democracy, so each film does appear because of a substantial amount of votes. However, I couldn’t put “The Avengers” in without “Ferris Bueller”, and I wasn’t going to let “Scarface” slide if “Bringing Out The Dead” wasn’t in there too”

Gotdang it, I love movies.


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