Incredible New ‘Rogue One’ Stop-Motion Film Reveals Our First Look at It’s Toys

By August 31, 2016

Star Wars fans everywhere are always waiting anxiously for the new toys and figures from the property to be revealed/released, and with the new trilogy underway and spin-off films about to begin, that excitement has only increased over the past year. After The Force Awakens‘ almost mind-numbingly nuts release of their toy line last year though, it looks like Rogue One – A Star Wars Story is taking a much more delightful and unexpected approach to unveiling their new toy lineup this year.

Ahead of the full announcement, Hasbro has begun the “Go Rogue” campaign, which is a new series of Rogue One videos made by fans using the actual film’s toys to tell strange and fun adventures with characters like Jyn Erso and her other friends, in all of their diferent toy forms (including Lego, Funko Pops, and more).

Check out the first stop-motion video below:

Obviously, the video itself uses the different brands and styles of toys to some almost ingenious comedic effect at times, and it’s nice to see Disney and Lucasfilm having more fun with their release/announcement strategy here, especially since it’ll probably just devolve into a mad rush to get whatever’s on the shelves in time later this year. Until then though, the “Go Rogue” campaign should help to make the wait for the latest Jyn Erso Black Series figures a little more bearable.

Rogue One – A Star Wars Story is set to hit theatres on December 16th.

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