‘Indiana Jones 5’ Moves Forward Without George Lucas

By October 26, 2016


For the first time since the franchise was created in 1981 with Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones will take to the theaters without one of its key players: George Lucas.

georgelucas102616The Star Wars creator had collaborated with Steven Spielberg through four movies, up to the flying refrigerator/post-World War II aliens “adventure” Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008. It appears that just as he has done with Star Wars (after selling it to the Walt Disney Co. for $4 billion), Lucas also has moved on from Indiana Jones, according to Collider, as the fifth installment of the action archeologist’s adventures get underway.

The way the franchise worked in the past that Lucas would come up with the idea for the movie, and Spielberg would execute it. When Indy 5 was announced, Lucas’ name was nowhere to be found.

Screenwriter David Koepp, who worked from a Lucas story idea for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, told the news outlet he has not heard from Lucas at all. That leaves Koepp – the writer behind films like Jurassic ParkMission: Impossible and War of the Worlds to craft what could be Harrison Ford’s last outing as Indy on his own.

Although it made $786.6 million in worldwide box office, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull suffered from significant backlash from fans. One scene that received the most ridicule was the idea that Ford’s Indiana Jones could survive a nuclear blast inside a lead-lined refrigerator (and also survive the subsequent hurling of nearly a mile from the blast zone).

The biggest issue facing the Indiana Jones movies, at least in the past, is the focus on the MacGuffins – or the object whose sole purpose is to trigger the plot – Koepp said. That’s something he’s keeping in mind as he writes Indy 5.

“It’s hard because you can learn like if something maybe didn’t work as well as you think it would, well we certainly wouldn’t do that again. But you wouldn’t have done that again anyway, you already did it, so it’s hard to say.

“For me, it was the MacGuffin dictates everything, and so we tried to make the best possible choices we could. Not that nobody didn’t try to make the best chose that they could in the past, but we tried to give us the one that gave us the Indiana Jones movie we most wanted to see.”

The fifth Indiana Jones movie, which is yet to have a name, is a co-production between Lucasfilm and Paramount Pictures. It has a set release date of July 2019, just after Ford’s 77th birthday.

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