Interview: ‘Arrested Development’ Cast Talks About the New Season, Working Together Again, and an Unfriendly Ostrich

By May 28, 2013

It’s been seven years in the making.

Before Season 4 of Arrested Development was unleashed upon the masses as a Netflix “semi-original” series, the cast converged before members of the press and shared some of their thoughts on the Bluths and Bluth-adjacents.

Sadly, Jeffrey Tambor (George Sr.), Tony Hale (Buster) and Will Arnett (Gob) were missing BUT Jessica Walter (Lucille), Portia de Rossi (Lindsay), Jason Bateman (Michael), Alia Shawkat (Maeby), David Cross (Tobias,) and Michael Cera (George Michael) WERE on hand to make us smile, wax poetic about past seasons, and even have a revelation about the series.

WARNING: If you’ve not watched the series yet, there COULD be spoilers. But know that as this press day occurred before the premiere, the cast was pretty “mum” about season 4 details, so you’re safe-ish. Also, I am a HOOGE AD fan so while I’ll try to stay unbiased, well…it’s very possible that I blue myself.

I sat right in front of Michael Cera…he’s so precious.

When asked, Bateman and de Rossi admitted that working with an ostrich is anything BUT predictable with de Rossi adding that “It was terrifying, they’re a BIG bird; they’re not friendly.”

Of COURSE we all wanted to know about Michael Cera sitting as a writer AND producer on the new season and Cera said that he “did writing in the Writer’s Room” with David Cross jokingly adding that they were “mostly lunch orders” and once the hilarity calmed down, Cera humbly said “I didn’t do anything to deserve a writer’s credit, they just had to give me some kind of credit for being in that (writer’s) room and they gave me that one. And the ostrich was a joy to work with.” (How sweet is this kid?)

When the subject of vindication with AD’s revival arose, Jason Bateman said that he didn’t think that any of them “felt any sort of bitterness or huge frustration that the show had gone away” but that “for the most part, the emotion around the (season 3) set was, well, we were certainly upset but we felt really great that we had gotten THAT far; there was blood in the water after the first 13 episodes.” Bateman then acknowledged media and the fans who cheered them on. “And now with this (season 4), I think it’s great (and I think I can speak for all of us) that this gave us all a chance to have a reunion party and hang out with one another again…so it’s all been gravy.”

David Cross then jumped in and jokingly said “I don’t take the same meds as Jason…I was a little pissed that it was canceled and unceremoniously…but I don’t know if “vindication” I’d use but it was certainly satisfying.”

And after I fangirl’d (just a little) I, of course asked what lines are still yelled at them by fans. Alia Shawkat said “Marry me” while David Cross said “I just blue myself” and added that sometimes it’s yelled at him by fans as they drive by, which makes for awkward hilarity.

Jessica Walter said (SPOILER) there are only two scenes the entire season when all nine actors are in the same room. “The first time we all sat down in that penthouse recreated right down to the nails in the wall, we were so excited. Once we heard voices and saw faces that looked the same (except for the kids, who’re now adults), that’s when I knew we were really back; it was kind of almost surreal.” And Cross added they were lucky that majority of the old crew came back for this season, “so that also led to how surreal and cool it was for all of us to be looking at each other in our outfits and getting to do this after seven years and that’s when it really felt “REAL” real.”

After the cast jokingly gave each other grief, Walter lovingly said that if not for Bateman being at the center of this whirlwind, she didn’t think “this whole thing (the show) would work; Jason has the skills to be in the middle of all the crazy people. I think that really, without him (he hates to hear this but it’s true), I really don’t think if would’ve worked.” Bateman gave credit to creator Mitch Hurwitz and his brilliance along with the writers for creating really fun characters.

As our time came to a close, I wanted a chocolate-covered banana from the big yellow joint.

Welcome back, Bluths…you were missed. Season 4 of “Arrested Development” is streaming right now on Netflix Watch Instantly.

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