Inventor Creates Real-Life Iceman Palm Blaster, Achieves Comic Book Fan Dreams

By June 25, 2016

Sometimes, kid, dreams can come true. Now, none of us are going to turn into full body icemen any time soon (at least, we think), but thanks to the craftiness of a certain inventor on Youtube, you may at the very least be able to freeze things from your hands, while doing a bunch of cool(?) poses. Though it may take a bit longer than it does for Iceman in the actual X-Men comics to freeze the things around him.

However, Youtuber Colin Furze has created his very own real-life, Iceman palm blaster based off the character from the comics. How? By taking liquid nitrogen and storing it in a portable backpack made out of thermos flasks, allowing air into the top of the containers through an adapter, and then forcing the liquid nitrogen out down one side and through a tube on your hand.

And with it, you get this:

The ingenuity of that alone would probably be enough to impress the majority of us out there, but as Furze goes on to demonstrate in the video, it actually works too, allowing you to freeze water, plants, and basically anything from the palm of your hands. It may not be the ice slide that we all dream of being able to create underneath us, but now we’re just one step closer to actually feeling like Iceman.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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