IRL: Facebook Gifts are REAL

By March 11, 2013

I had no idea that you could send real gifts via Facebook. I thought they were just silly little useless animated gifs, but my friend Faris at The Animal Guru got a text on her cellphone from Facebook telling her that she had a Facebook gift waiting for her. Like me, she assumed that it was a silly little gif and shrugged it off.

She was shocked when,  “I was sent another message saying that the gift that would be sent to my work or house would expire in two days if I didn’t enter an address.”

Afraid that she was falling for some Nigerian scam she Googled it and found out that Facebook really did have real gifts. She entered an address and pretty soon the gift arrived. An official BOO the dog stuffed animal.

I had a similar situation when I was checking out which of my friends had birthdays coming up on Facebook. I hovered over my friend Lisa and an assortment of gift options popped up…including an iTunes gift card.

I clicked around to see what was going on…

And did a little investigating and found some pretty cool gifts. What a great way to save time and seem totally thoughtful even if it’s the day of someone’s birthday or whatever the occasion.

Personally I don’t want Facebook having my credit card number. Their privacy policies concern me on many levels, I’ll stick with Amazon…but if you’re one of those people who doesn’t give a rip, then get on it, there are lots of holidays coming up and Facebook birthdays are around every corner.

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