Iron Man Pardoned for 90’s Drug Charges

By December 26, 2015

That Headline read kind of weird right? We all know Tony Stark loves his drink but drugs? No, no, no I’m talking about Robert Downey Jr. obviously, who plays Tony Stark so well the two are synonymous.

Part of the reason for that? Their matching past demons. RDJ was just able to push that past a little further into uh…..the past. (thesaurus, anybody?)

Every Christmas Eve Gov. Jerry Brown hands out pardons like he’s Santa Clause of the Big House. Most of which are apparently for people hit with drug charges that are no longer drug charges in the state. Or if you are a famous movie star who stopped f*cking up. Either way.

Per the LA Times The Governor pardoned Robert Downey for his 1996 (I can’t lie that was a good year) charges of driving under the influence of Heroin, packing cocaine and an concealed pistol. Now Downey can serve on a jury or just continue living his life exactly as he was. But it is a nice gesture for a good dude who hasn’t been in trouble for 15 years.

He even went to bat for a guy who needs to be given a comeback chance, Mel Gibson in the video below saying “He’s hugged the cactus long enough.” Damn right Iron Man! Free Mel Gibson! (I really like Mel Gibson you guys) Enjoy the video below and check back with GeekNation for more stories of Christmas pardon glee.

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