Is ‘Attack the Block’ Director Joe Cornish Going to Direct ‘Skull Island’?

By July 29, 2014

Attack the Block director Joe Cornish might be taking a journey…a journey to (imagine a cool, foreboding, but still exciting score here) Skull Island!

During last week’s Comic-Con, Legendary Pictures made a big, giant splash in Hall H during their panel by issuing what might be the only true surprise of the convention: an announcement that they were making a new film about the origins of King Kong, titled Skull Island. For the studio, one that just had big success this summer with their Godzilla (a reboot of the classic hero, and a bit of an origin story on its own), it seems like a natural fit.

The only thing really missing from Legendary’s news was the announcement of a director (the film will be penned by Max Borenstein who — shocker! — also wrote their Godzilla), something it seems they’re intent on clearing up right now. Deadline reports that the studio has their eyes on Cornish to direct the film. The film has reportedly already been offered to the director — this is not one of those “oh, they want him, but nothing has been really done about it” situations — though the outlet ponders if Cornish will actually accept. They’re “not sure if Cornish will take the job because he’s offered so much — like Universal’s Section Six, the Aaron Berg-scripted drama about the formation of MI6 Brit intelligence branch, for instance. But this is going to be catnip to some hotshot director.” Please, Joe, take this gig.

Joe Cornish

Cornish’s Attack the Block, an alien invasion comedy thriller set inside a sprawling British apartment complex and mainly focused on a motley crew of teens and kids who try to battle the intergalactic baddies, was an instant cult hit on the festival circuit when it arrived back in 2011. Since then, Cornish’s name has been bandied about for a number of more high profile projects — he was briefly in contention for the next Star Trek film, and he also co-wrote Edgar Wright’s original Ant-Man script (the duo are long-time pals), one that we can probably assume has been totally tossed out or at least wholesale rearranged in the wake of Wright’s exit from the film and the subsequent stream of screenwriting talent that has apparently taken a crack at the Marvel script. In short, the guy is kind of due for a big, splashy studio film, and Skull Island sounds like a perfect fit.

For one, it’s a King Kong film, so it’s still got the same kind of creature feature lifeblood that runs through Attack the Block. And although it sounds like a major undertaking for a still green director, Legendary previously put that formula to the test with this summer’s Godzilla (that film was directed by Gareth Edwards, whose previous film was the small indie alien invasion flick Monstersand hey, there’s a pattern here). It’s worked for the studio before, and while one big hit doesn’t mean it’s a foolproof approach, it’s still one worth trying out again.

The film is already set for a November 4, 2016 release date, so here’s hoping that Cornish is at the helm when the film hits screens.

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