Is Doctor Doom Bringing the Doombots to the ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot?

By April 3, 2014

Now that Josh Trank’s much-hyped Fantastic Four reboot has locked its Doctor Doom — it’s RockNRolla star Toby Kebbell! — it’s time that we figure out exactly what kind of troubles he’ll present to the new lineup of unlikely superheroes, beyond just the regular “doom.”

Turns out, it might be multiple Dooms. Nerdist reports that “reliable sources” have told them that Doombots will “definitely” be in the film “in the form of drones that the good doctor controls telekinetically.” Drone warfare! Topical!

The Doombots were introduced in an early Fantastic Four comic back in 1965 as exact copies of Doctor Doom who have faced off against Marvel heroes in the place of the Doc himself when he couldn’t physically be there for the battle. The Doombots may look like von Doom, but they are often missing his trademark hood and they’ve got plenty of weaponry — they are traditionally armed with guns, though Doom eventually kits them out with more fine-tuned weapons that are especially suited for whoever they are targeting.

Doctor Doom

The Doombots are interesting folk (or, interesting clones), as Doctor Doom typically sends them in for missions that he is afraid he’s, well, doomed to lose, implying that they come with a level of desperation on the baddie’s part. Sometimes, the poor little ‘bots also think that they are Doctor Doom, so there’s also the possibility of some wacky mix-ups (or, in the case of Trank’s film, which is reportedly very serious, some very serious mix-ups).

Trank’s reboot is already set to star Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell — and now also maybe just a mess of Toby Kebbells.

The Fantastic Four will hit theaters on June 19, 2015.

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