Is Liam Neeson Going To Star in a Joss Whedon Movie?

By September 19, 2014

The short answer to the question posed in the headline? Maybe. Here’s the long answer.

Liam Neeson, whose newest film A Walk Among the Tombstones is in theaters now, was making the press rounds for the movie and stopped by the Empire offices to chat with the outlet. During a podcast episode, he dropped a little nugget of information that hasn’t been mentioned before (as far as we can tell). Here’s what he said:

I’ve just signed up to do a film called Suspension, hanging from a bridge in New York – the George Washington Bridge.

Joss Whedon

So what does this have to do with Whedon? Well, it turns out that Joss Whedon actually wrote a spec script called Suspension that takes place on the George Washington Bridge and sold it to a studio for $1 million back in 1993. The story follows an ex-con named Harry Monk who is released from prison and must foil the plans of terrorists who have taken control of the bridge during a nightmarish traffic jam. Is this the same script? We’re honestly not sure. But the idea of Neeson reading dialogue written by Joss Whedon – especially Whedon back in his Speed days – is incredibly appealing.

Any number of things could have happened to the script over the years, including a host of rewrites so harsh it barely resembles Whedon’s original material, but we’re holding out hope that this is A) the same project (it would be too much of a coincidence for there to be two separate movies called Suspension set on the George Washington Bridge, right?), and B) that it hasn’t been tampered with since the studio purchased it over twenty years ago. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. I’d recommend listening to Neeson’s full interview, in which he utters the absolutely amazing line, “I’m about as funny as a baby with a razor blade.” It’s a solid listen.

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