Is Matt Damon Really Coming Back for ‘Bourne 5’?

By June 20, 2014

The short answer to the question posed in the headline? We don’t know yet, and I suspect we won’t know officially for a while. As I’m sure you probably know, Matt Damon has been on record probably dozens of times since The Bourne Ultimatum came out saying that he’d be open to returning to the character of Jason Bourne as long as director Paul Greengrass was behind the camera and they could come up with a story worth telling.

That didn’t seem to be in the cards, though, so Universal – not content with having one of their biggest franchises die – created the interesting but flawed The Bourne Legacy, which pulled back the curtain in that same universe and introduced a story that was tangentially related to Bourne’s. Jeremy Renner starred in that, and a sequel is one the way – in fact, that unnamed sequel was just recently bumped from 2015 to a 2016 release date. The studio announced that the delay was to allow Bourne 5 to switch release dates with the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, but Latino Review claims they know the real reason for the change.

Matt Damon

Their “deeply embedded trusted source” is saying that Matt Damon is coming back to reprise his role in the sequel, even though this goes against everything Damon himself has said about working with Greengrass and only Greengrass on a future Bourne movie. There was some talk last year about the two of them jointly returning to this franchise, but now that Fast & Furious director Justin Lin has taken over the director’s chair, it’s clear Greengrass is out. Either Damon’s going to go against his word, or there’s no truth to this rumor at all.

Latino Review seems pretty confident in their source, though, with the writer of the article saying that this source has never been wrong in nearly a decade of working together, so we’ll have to see if Damon has finally decided to change his tune. Do you want to see Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross work together in a new Bourne movie?

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