Is ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Not Happening After All?

By September 16, 2015

Pacific Rim might just be one of the biggest films in scope, ever created on the silver screen. The movie featured some of the coolest monsters and robots in cinema history, as they fought each other in cities and oceans, sometimes using full-on boats as baseball bats. What the movie may have lacked in character development and drama, it more than made up for in sheer badassery as director Guillermo del Toro gave a crash course on how large scale action sequences should be shot and edited together. I didn’t love the movie, but there were moments when I literally stood up from my seat and shouted out in joy, and that’s more than I can say for some other blockbusters that are coming out nowadays.

There has been a sequel in development for a few years now, with some fans even calling for a potential crossover with Godzilla or one of the new Universal monsters franchises. However, now that the Godzilla vs King Kong project is gaining steam, and Guillermo del Toro seems to get busier and busier with new projects, the possibility of audiences getting to see Pacific Rim 2 sometime within the next few years has seemed quite low.

Well, it looks like we might not ever get to see it, which is likely going to be disappointing news for all of you die hard del Toro fans out there. As THR reported today that the planned sequel has been pushed from its 2017 release date indefinitely, with the report even going on to say that the film might not be happening altogether. While some of the problems might be attributed to scheduling and slates, the main reason that the report says the film might not happen is due to the high production costs that the sequel would end up costing, even though the first film did do incredibly well worldwide with a whopping $411 million.

While this will likely leave fans of the original movie more than just a little bit disappointed, considering how many critics and audience members were let down by the film’s actual story and characters, unless the movie would focus on the characters going up against well-known monsters like the previously mentioned Godzilla or King Kong, the sequel alone might not be enough to bring more audiences members back into the theatre again.

So unless Guillermo himself or a specific writer had a very strong idea for the story and the sequel’s characters (which was rumored to lead into another third installment) – it might be for the best that Pacific Rim 2 doesn’t happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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