It’s Election Day!

By November 6, 2012

Today is Election Day, a day where we gather as a nation and decide whether we’re gonna extend our current POTUS’ contract or cut him loose for something in red.

There are so many rumors and poll results telling us this or that, but as we all know, poll results mean nothing and are often wrong. Looking for some truth? Well here are a few interesting facts about election day.

  • November was selected because the harvest work was done.
  • Tuesday was selected because many people had to travel the day before to reach the polling place. Since most people did not travel on Sunday for religious reasons, they did not want it to be on a Monday.
  • They did not want Election Day to fall on November 1st because it is All Saints Day.
  • They did not want Election Day to fall on the first of the month because many shop keepers did their books for the preceding month on the first.

No matter what side of the fence you sit on, just remember:

Still not sure who to vote for? A website called will help you find the candidate most inline with your views.

Now finally this little girl can get some peace.

I’m voting, are you?

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