It’s Halloween! Here Are Some Great Short Films To Get You In The Spirit

By October 31, 2013


It’s Halloween, so I need to make this somewhat quick as there are parties to attend and candy to eat! In the past few years, more and more filmmakers have been stepping into the short film arena to entertain us with some spooky fun fare. Since it is the spookiest day of the year, I thought it would be fitting to share with you some great shorts to get you in the mood for your night’s festivities! Feast your eyes, friends!


Director/Editor: Michael Evans
Cast: Sean Simon and Paul Foltz

This short right here is apparently inspired by a true story as told on reddit by /u/blue_tidal.  Whether this is indeed something that truly happened or not, the film achieves some creepy weirdness with the resources the director and actors had to work with. If they were aiming for something David Lynchian, they succeeded. Check out Go For Broke Pictures for more info.


Written and Directed By: Chris Cullari and Jennifer Raite
Cast: Carolyn Jania, Elisha Yaffe and Adam H. Mack

I had the privilege of viewing this short film at The Jumpcut Cafe in Studio City a few weeks back and was rather impressed. For a three minute film and literally no budget, the filmmakers created a short that has an original idea, conveys mood and a great sense of humor. It’s also one of the many entries in the ABCs Of Death 2 contest. Check out their entry page here and give them a vote, won’t you?


Director: Drew Daywalt
Cast: Brea Grant, Bonnie Aarons and Kalee Score

In an attempt to not make this entry just about Drew Daywalt (which is tough since that man is the king of the horror short film), I’ve only put two of his works in this list. This first one features Brea Grant and I believe was originally released around Mother’s Day a few years back. Speaking of Brea Grant, she did another short film that I can not find anywhere online. Instead, check out the trailer for Root Of The Problem here. I saw it at Screamfast last year and it was rather good.


Directors: Ben Tillett & Jake Cuddihy
Cast: Holly Jacobson, Sam Metcalf and Robin Berry

Here’s another short film I caught at Screamfest last year. Suckablood is a gothic bedtime story which tells the story of a little girl who is too scared to suck her thumb. It’s slightly reminiscent of something Tim Burton would have made. This is Part 5 in the Bloody Cuts 13 part horror anthology. You can view the complete anthology here:


Directors: Alexis Wajsbrot and Damien Mace

Here’s a short film that sort of took the film festival world by storm back in 2011. The cinematography is the real hero here as the story is pretty simple and follows a baby sitter as she attempts to calm young Dorothy into going to bed. Unfortunately, there’s something in the house. At roughly 12 minutes, Red Balloon succeeded at getting me to jump a few times and I watched it on my laptop!


Writer/Director: Dick Grunert
Cast: Matthew Currie Holmes, Sara Raftery and Graham Denman

This year, Shock Till You Drop has featured a bunch of nifty horror shorts for the Halloween season and Scary Mask is one of them. This is another short I had the chance to view at The Jumpcut Cafe a few weeks back and I absolutely loved it. It’s gruesome, funny, and I may know a few people involved here which makes me more proud to share it. Dick Grunert works in animation but his real passion is horror and it’s obvious. Great job, guys!


Director: Cole Drumb
Cast: Tricia Helfer and Ulric Dihle

Okay look, I know this is not technically a horror film, but this animated sci fi short blew me away the first time I viewed it at Screamfest in 2012. I’m not alone as it won Best Animated Short at the festival, along with a slew of others along the circuit. This one is very impressive indeed!


Director: Anthony Melton
Cast: Kate Braithwaite, Rachel Bright, Beth Cooper, Calvin Dean, Jake Hendriks, Martin Skipper and Ian Whyte

Here’s another short film from Bloody Cuts. I have to give them a lot of credit as they really know how to deliver. This one in particular made the list due to the outstanding creature effects and design. For a film that was operating on such a low budget, the work here is awesome. Also, the actors really do a great job. Oh, and also, that demon!


Director: Drew Daywalt
Cast: Kerry Finlayson, Edin Gali and Peter Gilberti

In 2008, Drew Daywalt presented this now classic horror short to the internet world and pretty much changed the game. Not only is Bedfellows probably his most famous short film, it’s also the one that has haunted me the most. For a movie that is less than 3 minutes long, that is quite an accomplishment!


Director: Adam Green
Cast: Paul Solet

I felt it was only right to end this piece on the 11th Ariescope Halloween short that became an internet sensation. That’s right, it’s Jack Chop! This one has become an internet classic and deserves your attention even if you’ve already seen it. And once you’re done, why not watch his most recent Halloween short?

In fact, here’s a bonus video for you…


There are so many more short films were mentioning but unfortunately, the likes of Killer Kart and Incident On Highway 73 are not available online for complete viewings. But because this is my blog entry, how about I throw in one more short film before I go?! You’re welcome.


Director: Jerome Sable
Cast: L.J Benet, Sean Cullen, Rick Miller, Kailey Swanson, Michael Chey, Joe Kaprielian, Dylan Boyack and Megan Lee

Just watch this one. No words I type here can express how simply awesome this short is. It won all sorts of awards in 2010 and deserved every last one!

Oh and hey, in case you are curious…I’m in a horror short! That’s right. ME! Heather Wixson from Dread Central directed it and I starred along with Corbett Tuck. What better way to end this piece than getting all self centered and sh*t!

Well, that’s all I’ve got today. Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

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