J.K. Simmons Talks About the Size of Commissioner Gordon’s Role in ‘Justice League’

By April 25, 2016

One of the more interesting casting announcements of recent memory came from DC, when J.K. Simmons signed on to play none other than Commissioner Gordon in Justice League Part 1 next year, which came as a bit of a bummer for those of you out there (myself included) that were hoping above all else that Marvel and Sony would just say to hell with it and recast him as J. Jonah Jameson in the new Spider-Man franchise.

However, J.K. Simmons was recently busy promoting his new film with Susan Sarandon, The Meddler, and you didn’t think he was going to get out of that junket without being asked at least five times about Justice League, did you? Foolish.

During his interview with DP/30, Simmons revealed that his role in Justice League Part 1 is actually relatively small, which I think we can all be happy about considering how poorly Batman v Superman tried to balance some of its supporting characters:

“Honestly, I don’t get started on that until June, and my part in the first one is very small. I’m excited to be playing that iconic character in that iconic series; I was trying to think of a different adjective but they’re both iconic. That’s a couple of movies down the road still, I’m focused on what I’m doing now and then another one, and then I’ll worry about how I can honor that character and that franchise.”

He also went on to tease how his take on the character will be different than the previous iterations, how he got the role, and how many films he might have signed on for:

“With these big superhero movies everybody is so tight lipped about everything, there’s a certain amount of just going on faith. They asked me to come in and meet with Zack Snyder and we had a great meeting. I’m a big fan of what he’s done and we hit it off and he asked me to do the guy. Really, I’m going into a thing that hopefully will be two, three, four… maybe more movies for me, and my part in the first one is really very small, but obviously we know who the guy is. We know his whole backstory, based on the comic book. So, I’m just gonna finish doing my research on that, and probably not watch the other actors who have played the part, because that is just kind of intimidating honestly and I don’t think I would find that to be productive. So I’ll just do my take.”

Simmons is a good enough actor that I imagine his take on Jim Gordon will be a good one, and one that is different than the more recent onscreen versions. I just hope they don’t try and make him quite as dark as they made every other character in Batman v Superman. I have no problem with darkness, but I’d like a little more fun from the interactions between each of the characters than just bad jokes and Lex Luthor shoving a red Jolly Rancher into a senator’s mouth….

Has Zack Snyder been taken off of this movie yet?

Justice League Part 1 is set to hit theatres on November 10th, 2017.

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