James Cameron Enlists ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Creator to Write ‘Avatar 2’

By July 31, 2013

Josh Friedman

Well, here’s an interesting development for those wondering about the future of Pandora. The Wrap reports that director James Cameron has enlisted “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” creator Josh Friedman to write Avatar 2. Though the FOX series was based on Cameron’s iconic Terminator films, apparently the mega-director had nothing to do with the show itself and hasn’t worked closely with Friedman before.

Cameron wrote and directed the first Avatar, which became the highest-grossing movie of all time following its release in late 2009. It’s somewhat surprising that he’s bringing on another writer to tackle this screenplay because Cameron himself has said multiple times in interviews over the past couple of years that he was hard at work on the script. Might he have hit a bad case of writer’s block? The rumored 2015 release date is looming large, and filming would have to begin fairly quickly in order for the effects-heavy sequel to make that deadline, so it seems Cameron is passing the writing duties on to someone perhaps a bit more familiar with quick turnaround times.

Josh Friedman tile

Friedman is a great candidate to write this story since he’s obviously worked in the fast-paced television environment before. He also has the rare experience of working with characters Cameron had previously established. (“The Sarah Connor Chronicles” was actually pretty damn good.) The writer/producer has a few other credits under his belt, the most notable of which is Spielberg’s War of the Worlds adaptation.

Overall, I’d consider this good news – especially since Cameron’s screenplay for the original Avatar was the worst aspect of the multi-billion dollar film. Still, since we’ve heard so much from the man himself about how he’s been busy writing the screenplay for Avatar 2, there’s something a little weird about this announcement. In any case, we wish Friedman the best of luck crafting a story that matches the wonder and splendor of Cameron’s visuals.

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