James Gunn Gives His Thoughts on ‘Civil War’ & Spider-Man

By January 2, 2016

In a recent Facebook AMA with Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn, we found out that he’d actually seen Captain America: Civil War with his own face.

While chewing on an extreme amount of gum James Gunn revealed that he thought the film was “Incredible” and “One of the best Marvel movies ever.” He said the new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland was “Amazing” and “Off the charts awesome.” 

The movie doesn’t come out for four months but when you direct a movie for Marvel that made them as much money as Guardians did…..I guess you are entitled to a few perks.

What’s pretty cool to think about is that Gunn is currently developing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and may have needed to see the direction the Russo brothers had taken Civil War. Maybe it’s because of how much the two films tie in together. I like the idea of that. What a cool life to lead.

That being said, Gunn does work for the studio. I doubt he would come out and be like “More like Civil Bore! I’ve taken bathroom breaks more exciting than this movie!” Which I highly doubt would be the case anyways. He also gave a more glowing review than, I think, he really needed to. It really appears that he liked the movie a whole bunch. I think we all assume it’s going to kick major back end….

Stay tuned for more Civil War updates — right here on GeekNation!

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Mike Holtz
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