James Spader’s ‘The Office’ Character Dubbed Over Ultron Is Your Internet Video of the Day!

By October 9, 2015

Someone had to do it. And I’m surprised it didn’t come sooner; seeing as we are being treated to a smorgasbord of special videos and bloopers from last week’s release of Avengers Age of Ultron on Blu Ray.

Because, don’t you know, there is nothing better than James Spader talking. We all loved him as Ultron (am I speaking out of turn for anyone?); at least I loved him. But when he is James Spader – batsh*t crazy character from The Office, Robert California, James Spader – it becomes something special.

A hat-tip to Slash Film for alerting me to Red Letter Media’s hilarious video, I want to, first, start with some back story about Robert California. That character, played brilliantly by Spader, came in to replace Steve Carrell after he left the show. And though he only lasted one season, he left an indelible mark on the series.

So watch this compilation of the character from The Office. 

Right? Right???? I loved his character, and wish he lasted the rest of the run on the series.

Okie doke, now that that is out of the way, here is Robert California’s lines over Ultron.

Good times, right?

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  • David Johnson

    They need a Spin-off of Ultron California, or maybe an Adult Swim Cartoon!!!!

  • Richard Anderson

    that was awesome