Jared Leto Joins the Cast of ‘Blade Runner 2’

By August 18, 2016

For a long gap sequel to one of the most beloved movies of all time, the anticipation surrounding Blade Runner 2 right now is surprisingly high, no doubt thanks to the involvement of both Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott in the film, with the former set to reprise his role as Rick Deckard. Not to mention that Denis Villeneuve, one of the best directors in the industry right now, is also set to helm the film, which will be set decades after the events of the first.

Joining Ford, the film has assembled an impressive cast for itself with Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, Dave Bautista, Lennie James, and more all already signed on to star in it as well, and it looks like the sequel has just rounded out its cast with another stellar, last minute addition.

Variety is reporting that Suicide Squad and Dallas Buyers Club star Jared Leto has joined the cast of the new film, though plot details surrounding his character are being kept under wraps for the time being, along with everyone else’s so far. Something tells me he may not want to send any Suicide Squad-esque gifts on this set though because I doubt Harrison Ford would take too kindly to something like that.

This comes just after Leto’s controversial turn as The Joker in Suicide Squad as well, which has been met with mixed reviews from both fans and critics, after being publicized as being a major part of the film before the theatrical cut was revealed to contain only about seven minutes with the character in all actuality – something Leto hasn’t been too happy about over the past few days.

The Academy Award-winner has made a name for himself as an actor to be reckoned with throughout his career though, and he should make for an interesting addition to this sequel, which is already shaping up to be one of the most anticipated films of next year. With Villeneuve at the helm though, a director who has yet to let me down, I have much more faith in this project than I would if basically any other filmmaker was directing it. The cast seems to be a fairly accurate reflection of Villeneuve’s talents as well.

Blade Runner 2 is set to hit theatres on October 6th, 2017.

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