Jared Leto Wants to Bring His Joker Back in Ben Affleck’s Solo ‘Batman’ Movie

By August 1, 2016

No matter how you feel about his performance right now, I still maintain that one of the most interesting moves that DC has made with their films so far was choosing to introduce their new version of The Joker in Suicide Squad, rather than a Batman or Justice League film. Played by Jared Leto, the performance has already been a divisive one, with many hating his interpretation and look as the character, and others excited to see what new elements he’ll bring to the part.

On another interesting note as well, Suicide Squad is going to in a way, show the Joker in a light that we’ve never seen him in before, as he goes on a psychopathic mission to save his one true love, Harley Quinn, from the clutches of Task Force X. Whether you’re liking his performance so far or not, there’s no denying how exciting it seems to see a version of The Joker in love with someone who’s not Batman onscreen for once.

Despite all of the crazy on set stories from the film as well, there’s no denying how much work and effort Leto put into with his performance here either, one that hopefully we’ll get to see brought back in either a Suicide Squad sequel or in another DCEU film. In fact, during a recent conversation with Comics Alliance, Leto said he would want to reprise the role again, in the hopes of really getting to face off 1-on-1 with Ben Affleck’s Batman:

“I hope Suicide Squad is an introduction and not the end! Because I could easily just play the Joker a couple more times and then retire. Because it’s so fulfilling and so creative and it’s so imaginative. It’s really difficult to think about doing anything else! I think it would be incredible to see Batman and the Joker go head-to-head! This Batman [Ben Affleck] and this Joker. I mean, I don’t know, that might be too much! But that would be fun.”

In a way, Leto brings up a really great point here, in that both his version of The Joker and Affleck’s version of Batman are two very extreme versions of the characters. In Batman v Superman, Affleck’s Dark Knight is the darkest interpretation we’ve ever seen of him onscreen, and also the angriest. While Leto’s Joker is easily the most vain and possibly most psychopathic, depending on what he actually does or doesn’t do in the film.

There’s rumors that Affleck’s solo Batman movie will be taking place in Arkham Asylum, after all of the mentions and nods towards the iconic DC location already, and because it would offer Affleck’s Batman to really dive into his own history as the character and interact with a large number of DC villains along the way as well. Whether or not The Joker is being included in the script right now, is a mystery, but it seems like Leto is more than game if there are any plans. So who knows? We may not have to wait all that long to see his Joker return onscreen after all.

Suicide Squad is set to hit theatres on August 5th.

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