‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer Brings Matt Damon’s Iconic Action Hero Back

By April 21, 2016

After an all-around stellar first trilogy, then a disappointing attempt at a new era with The Bourne Legacy, Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are set to put the Bourne franchise hopefully back on track this year with Jason Bourne. Bringing back the titular character in a post-Snowden world, Damon is joined by a returning Julia Stiles, as well as fellow new cast members Tommy Lee-Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel, and more.

Following the brief, but pretty spectacular Super Bowl trailer from a few months ago as well, the first official theatrical trailer for Jason Bourne has been released online today, and similar to the previous teaser – it packs quite a punch. Check it out below:

There’s quite a bit to unpack here already, in addition to the small bits of footage we already saw in the previous trailer. We get our first looks at both Vikander and Cassel’s characters here, the former in particular looks to be playing a fairly large role in the film’s story, while also being on the government’s side from the looks of it.

It’s nice to see Greengrass’ now trademark style of action directing being brought back into the franchise here as well, and already, it looks like Damon has fallen back into the Bourne role incredibly easily. Bringing back one of the most iconic and beloved American action franchises isn’t an easy task by any means, especially after what many thought was a fitting conclusion in Bourne Ultimatum, but it certainly looks like Jason Bourne will, at the very least, give us yet another installment in the Bourne story that keeps in line with what it was initially meant to be. Rather than what Legacy tried to turn it into.

Jason Bourne will hit theatres on July 29th.

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  • David Johnson

    Damn wish they’d have Him kill Aaron Cross so legacy would be officially dead!!!!