Jason Momoa Finally Admits He’s Aquaman, Talks About ‘Justice League’

By October 20, 2014

It was fandom’s worst kept secret: Jason Momoa will play Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We knew this back in June, Zack Snyder called in to a Detroit radio station to defend the character, Warner Bros. and DC announced a solo film, and even with all of that Momoa himself wouldn’t budge when asked to confirm it. But finally, at long last, in the recent confirmation of WB & DC’s upcoming superhero movie release schedule, the official press release officially confirmed Momoa’s casting as Aquaman. (Read more about the character here.) And now the actor can finally breath a sigh of relief and talk about his role in the franchise.

At the Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Momoa answered a couple of questions about what he knows so far, why he was so hesitant to say anything about it, and his involvement with Justice League (which is being split into two movies):

Listen, I was asked to play [Aquaman]. You know, you audition and stuff like that, but the fact is you’ve just got to keep it quiet. You know what I mean, I was just trying to respect Warner Bros. and everyone’s wishes. I’m really, really happy that I don’t have to be quiet anymore, because that’s really hard for me.

I’ve rode some dolphins before, so I can pull on that. I did go to school for Marine Biology, but the cool thing is… the greatest thing for me is that Polynesians, our gods, Kahoali, Maui, all these water gods, so it’s really cool and a honor to be playing a [water] character. And there’s not too many brown superheroes, so I’m really looking forward to representing the Polynesians, the natives… My family are some of the greatest water men on earth. I’m not, but I’m going to go train with them. But it’s really an honor just being a Polynesian. And water is the most important thing in this world and we all know it. It’s cool be a part of DC’s universe. I’m really excited to be with Warner Bros., and hopefully everyone likes it. And Zack Snyder’s a genius, so I’m really excited to be hanging out with him.

I don’t know the director [of the Aquaman solo film]. I know about as much as you guys know. I know the Justice League will come first. That’s really what we’re going to focus on. I’m not sure if it will be [set] prior to Justice League or post. I don’t know too much about it. It will probably be where he came from. It will probably be his whole origin story, I would think…I mean I don’t even want to get quoted on this s***. So I know we’re going to do Justice League first.

Jason Momoa 2

Seems like a bit of admitted speculation on his part there at the end, but it’s cool to hear him finally open up a little bit and talk about what playing this character means to him. An interesting thing to note, though: the official press release didn’t mention anything about Momoa appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – only the Justice League film. I’m guessing his part will be very small in Dawn of Justice (that movie is already insanely crowded anyway), but I’ve read that the whole Justice League will appear by the end of BVS, so I expect to see him in the film, even if it’s only for a minute. Check out Momoa’s Tweet Out with GeekNation in the video below:

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  • Richard Hood

    Dang it I was hoping this was going a different direction. Not because I did not want Momoa to play a super hero. I just thought he would be the perfect Dr Strange….. So much for his introduction into the Marvel Universe.