Jason Momoa to Direct and Star in Illegal Fighting Ring Drama ‘Kane’

By September 6, 2013

Jason Momoa

Despite prominent turns in “Stargate: Atlantis,” the acclaimed HBO series “Game of Thrones,” and a leading turn as the title warrior in the remake of Conan the Barbarian, actor Jason Momoa hasn’t really been given a big enough break to be a leading man. But it sounds like he’ll get at least one more chance, and this time he’ll be wearing multiple hats.

THR has word that Momoa will direct and star in Kane, a new fighting drama which TF1 is shopping around the Toronto International Film Festival. The story would see Momoa as an alcoholic former boxer who heads into an illegal fighting circuit in Detroit in order to win money for some sort of medical treatment for his wife. But entering the fight scene means facing both demons and rivals from his past, including one merciless fighter who might be the only thing standing between him and redemption.

Jason Momoa

The script comes form relatively new writer Robert Homer Mollohan, and production is planned to begin in January in Detroit. Momoa finds that the city echoes the fight his main character has to endure in the film. He says:

“I really wanted to make an action movie with heart and set it in Detroit. The city used to symbolize much of what was grand and noble about America but then lost it all to economic decline and urban decay. This parallels the story of Kane Malu, a man who is down but not yet out. Kane is the story of a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

Kane sounds like a mix of Rocky and Warrior, but fighting dramas like this are hard to make without being derivative and tired. Momoa is unproven as a director, but he does have a film called Road to Paloma that will get released by WWE Films and Anchor Bay Entertainment next year, so we’ll see what his skills are like behind the camera. He also wrote that script with Mollohan, so it will be a good indicator of the quality of film we can expect from the duo.

Are you interested in Jason Momoa directing and starring in Kane?

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