Jason Statham Could Play a Spy Alongside Melissa McCarthy in ‘Susan Cooper’

By October 22, 2013


The next collaboration between star Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig looks like it might be getting a heck of a leading man – and a very appropriate one, considering that this newest project has an action bent to it.

Deadline reports that Jason Statham could star alongside McCarthy in Feig’s Susan Cooper. Official talks have not yet started, but Statham has reportedly met with the filmmaker and that actual negotiations will “start soon.” Sure, this might be “grain of salt” news, but the idea of teaming up McCarthy and Statham for a comedic actioner sounds as inspired as, well, teaming up McCarthy and Sandra Bullock for a comedic actioner (we speak, of course, of The Heat).


The film centers on McCarthy’s eponymous character, an “unlikely secret agent,” though the film is not a spoof, as other outlets have pointed out. (You know, just like The Heat wasn’t a spoof.) If Statham comes on board, he’ll also play a spy – but one on the same side as McCarthy’s, so there go our dreams of the pair engaging in a funny battle, though there’s still a chance that they could play partners, and that sounds like comedic gold.

There’s no word on when we’ll hear something more official on the Statham casting, but we’re certainly keeping our fingers crossed for this one.

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Kate Erbland
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