Jason Sudeikis Officially Leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’

By July 26, 2013

Jason Sudeikis - Outside Patio

At the end of the 38th season of the long-running late night sketch comedy series “Saturday Night Live” earlier this summer, longtime cast members Fred Armisen and Bill Hader made it clear they were leaving the series with a farewell musical sketch featuring Armisen’s British rocker Ian Rubbish and one epic finale for Hader’s flamboyant clubbing character Stefon. In addition, head writer and Weekend Update host Seth Meyers will be leaving halfway through the 39th season to take over hosting duties on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” But it appears there’s one more empty slot to fill in the cast.

Appearing on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” cast member turned movie star Jason Sudeikis confirmed that he will be leaving the show after 10 seasons on the NBC staple, two of which he also spent as a writer. Sudeikis said, “A person can go as long as they want — I mean, Lorne’s been kicking butt at it for 33 out of the 38 years. But me, yeah, no — I’m definitely done.” Here’s a clip of the interview from the show:

The announcement isn’t exactly a surprise since Sudeikis has been tapdancing when asked the question ever since the end of the last season, though it seemed like a forgone conclusion that he would call it quits, especially with his film career on the rise. Coincidentally enough (or maybe not), Sudeikis actually plays drums in the aforementioned musical goodbye with Armisen, Hader and several guest stars, another clue that he was on his way out. On the film side of things, Sudeikis has starred in hit comedies like Horrible Bosses (which has a sequel on the way) and his R-rated romp We’re the Millers hits theaters next month.

However, this is another hurdle that producer Lorne Michaels and the rest of the cast will have to overcome. It’s been awhile since so many revered cast members left the show in such a short amount of time. A roster switch this big hasn’t happened since the 90s, and it made for a couple of rough transition years. Many people think this kind of change could bring about the end of “SNL,” but the series is an institution that has lasted nearly 40 years, and there’s plenty of ripe young comedic talent to find – something that Michaels has excelled at for decades, bringing us names like Bill Murray, Eddie Murhpy, Will Ferrell, Mike Myers, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and more.

The new season of “Saturday Night Live” begins in September, but we haven’t heard of any new cast members yet. This writer will be bringing plenty of “SNL” coverage as more information becomes available, along with episode recaps after every new episode, so stay tuned.

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