Jay Garrick Was Originally Going to Be Played by a Different ‘Flash’ Cast Member

By August 29, 2016

After his death and then disappearance in a time vortex at the end of The Flash season one finale,  fans of the show were ridden with speculation regarding whether or not Rick Cosnett would ever return to the show again, as either Eddie Thawne or a different character. Considering the CW DC TV shows’ penchants for bringing back dead characters, and also the courage of his sacrifice in the finale, it seemed like one of the more likely of the many possible DC TV resurrections over the years.

Unfortunately, he did not return in the second season of the show and now, it doesn’t look like he ever really will either. However, Cosnett has recently revealed that he came close to playing another iconic Flash speedster in the show’s pilot.

During his appearance at the Heroes and Villains FanFest in San Jose this weekend, Cosnett revealed that it was originally in his contract to possibly play none other than Jay Garrick in the pilot episode of the series:

What’s interesting about this, is when you wonder which version of Jay he was possibly going to be playing, whether it was going to be an imposter of the character like Teddy Sears this past season, or the Jay from another world, played by John Wesley Shipp.

It’s clear that plans drastically changed from Cosnet”s original contract, but as many fans still wonder if he’ll ever return, it’s interesting to think about just how different things came to being with the show’s version of Jay Garrick.

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